Best Cocktails for Celebrations

This compilation of the Best Cocktails for Celebrations includes several of my favorites; some fizzy and some more elegant…even one boozy cupcake…but all worthy of your celebration!

French 75 Cocktail

A lot of people in the blogging world do year end ‘Best of” lists; most often culminated from posts they have done that garnered a lot of traffic in the previous year.

So I’m thinking there have been plenty of suggestions for good eats that have passed by in the last couple of days or will be forthcoming soon so to offer something different I’ve devised a list in the cocktail realm.

And to make it simple, I thought I would share the cocktails that have been viewed most this past week in anticipation of partying at year end.

The results are these Best Cocktails for Celebrations as determined by readers. The one featured above is a cocktail that I first made a couple of years ago for New Year’s Eve.

Simple and elegant and perfectly delicious, the French 75 is one of my long time favorites combining gin, lemon, sugar and sparkling wine. Good enough for Ernest Hemingway? Perfect for me. 🙂

Many of the favorites are cocktails that include sparkling wine which could mean Champagne, Cava or Prosecco in this house. To be honest? I would NEVER use good Champagne for a cocktail, it’s pricey and should stand on it’s own.

Find a decent priced and much less expensive bottle of sparkling wine from Italy, France or the good old USA and use those instead.

My perfect option is Cristalano Cava that I get from Costco. Nice bubbly wine that is just dry enough that it’s perfect when added to a bit of fruit and sugar (pretty standard fare in a Champagne Cocktail). Here’s the top favorites based on what others are looking for and I can personally attest to how fantastic they all are! Food for celebrations all year long!

Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey Cupcakes with a Bourbon Drizzle

OK, OK, so it’s not a cocktail. But it was the single most visited post on my blog in 2014, it does have booze in it so it’s perfect for a celebration!

Honey Whiskey Cupcakes

Cranberry Ginger Fizz

Not even a Champagne cocktail but a perennial favorite; and really how can you resist something that looks absolutely perfect for the holiday season. Just so happens to also be the single most popular blog post ever!

Cranberry Ginger Fizz Cocktail

Cranberry and Grand Marnier Cocktail

Dramatic and Beautiful and even better; so very simple to prepare!

Pomegranate and Rosemary Gin Fizz

Another cocktail that is so perfect for the season; the color, the scent and especially the fabulous flavors.

Pomegranate and Rosemary Gin Fizz - Creative Culinary

Pomegranate Ginger Sparkler

I may have just published this one recently but it deserves to be here. One of my all time favorites!

Pomegranate Ginger Sparkler

Raspberry, Limoncello and Prosecco Cooler

Originally devised for a summer cooler, the flavors are good all year round!

Raspberry Limoncello Cooler

Pink Platinum Champagne Cocktail

So named just because I thought it was such a beautiful drink…so tasty too!

Pink Platinum Champagne Cocktail

Classic Whiskey Sour

For those planning a fancy cocktail party; this is the perfect choice. Classic, elegant and timeless.

Classic Whiskey Sour

Hot Buttered Rum

Maybe not exactly what you might use to toast the evening but why not? We’re in the middle of another Polar Vortex (meaning? It’s DAMN cold in Denver!) and anything to keep me warm might be just the perfect cocktail tonight.

Hot Buttered Rum Batter 

There they are; the favorites that are being read and printed and hopefully made for celebrating not just for the holidays but all through the winter. 

In the past couple of years, I’ve decided to have a French celebration myself. We’ll be raising a glass at 4pm (midnight in France) and bring in the New Year early enough that I’ll be tucked soundly and warmly into my bed by midnight in Denver. I love the holidays but like many of you, by now we’re sort of ready for it to be done and the next chapter to begin.

Have a safe and Happy New Year’s Eve…and see you next year!

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  1. A wonderful line-up. Wishing you a fabulous year both personally and professionally and looking forward to seeing a launch of your cocktail only blog 🙂

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