Best Holiday Appetizers

I might seem late to the table with these best of lists but I’ve been inundated with queries asking for suggestions…so now I’ve made the Best Holiday Appetizers list.

While I hope these lists will be good for readers, I realize how much time they will save me too…instead of searching through my own blog to provide suggestions; I can simply provide a link to a great list of what I think are the Best Holiday Appetizers…win-win right?

There is nothing in these suggestions that require you make a dough or ferment a veggie. But lots of tasty cheese dips, melty Brie with fruit and nuts, a hummus that is a bit timely but so amazingly good (make it quicker and buy the chickpeas and tahini!). I’ve also included a chicken wing we love and a family favorite of small ham and cheese sliders!

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Found an appetizer and now need a cocktail or dessert? Be sure to check out our Best Holiday Appetizers or Best Holiday Desserts. There are LOTS of them!

Happy Holidays and Cheers!

All delicious and easy to put together. Want even easier? Making meatballs? Pick those up in the freezer section of your local market. One of my favorites, the Grape Jelly and Chili Sauce Meatballs were brought to a party at my house for years before I asked for the recipe. Frozen meatballs? I’m on it!

Need something that literally takes five minutes to make a great holiday appetizer? Unwrap a block of cream cheese and put it on a plate. Cover it with a jam or jelly with a bit of heat; it’s a great combination with the smooth tangy cream cheese. Jalapeno is popular but mix it up. My favorite is a jam from Primo that combines blackberries and Serrano peppers. All you need are some simple crackers!

Found an appetizer you love…now go grab one of my Best Holiday Cocktails to go with it!

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