Barbecue Chicken Pizza with Bacon

Barbecue Chicken with Bacon Pizza from

This post today was not the sort that was well planned and thought out with special ingredients purchased so that I could make something delectable that I knew I would want to share. No, it was pretty much what happens all too often around here…what’s in the fridge that I can use to make something quick for dinner? I certainly hadn’t planned to blog about my efforts, on this night it was simply going to be dinner from leftovers; make it and eat it while watching ‘So You Think You Can Dance.’  Still, once it was done and out of the oven I had second thoughts because it had been so easy and it looked and smelled amazing. Second thoughts about blogging about a dish is not all that easy; making that change is a long punt. It means staging props, lighting, camera and action plus even more than that? I was starving and dinner was going to have to wait!

But I’m glad I took the time…it was all worth it because it was just SO good and so easy and as much as I love to fiddle in the kitchen creating something new or re-working something old, there are times when easy is a really nice thing to have. Am I right?

First things first. I am not a fan of cooking sprays; I can smell the aerosal in most of them and that turnoff sees me going the old fashioned way most often. I butter and flour my cake pans and wipe a vegetable oil on sheet pans if they need to be greased. I even have this pump sprayer that I put olive oil in that sort of works when I want to use a light mist of olive oil but it’s usually iffy with the oil coming out in globs that I still have to mess with it.

Bertolli Sprays

So when the fine folks at Bertolli inquired if I wanted to try some of their new, all natural spray products of course I was game. I like Bertolli Products and typically have a jar or two of their pasta sauces on hand for quick meals as well as a bottle or two of their olive oil. I was already a fan of the brand and these new products sounded like they might be the answer to a prayer I hadn’t even asked…the perfect product for ‘non-aerosal’ me.

Barbecue Chicken with Bacon Pizza from

I decided to use the Bertolli 100% Extra Light Tasting Olive Oil Spray on the baking sheet for my pizza (that’s right…I’m no stoner!). Whatever goes on that sheet has multiple uses, certainly one is to keep the pizza from sticking but anything that touches that dough impacts the flavor and this seemed a win win. This oil has a delicate taste and a high smoke point, which means it’s an excellent choice for baking. Spray directly on your baking sheet, muffin tin or cake pan before baking; it’s a great replacement for butter, canola, vegetable and other cooking oils. Being propellant-free means no chemicals, just 100% olive oil. Yes, that works for me!

Barbecue Chicken with Bacon Pizza from

Altogether I used leftover chicken, some barbecue sauce, ready-made pizza dough (I get mine from a local pizza shop; win win!), mozzarella combined with cheddar cheese and some red onions. Easier than a trip to your local pizza place, cheaper too and quite honestly…tastes so much better there is no comparison! Go on, call me Sandra Lee but sometimes that whole Semi-Homemade business is the bomb! Photos done, SYTYCD on Tivo and warm pizza in hand. Life is good!

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  1. I’m already a big fan of Bertolli Olive Oil Spray, and now I could swear that I’m smelling the bacon, barbecue, and pizza crust combo wafting together from my kitchen.

    1. It was SO good. I have had friends and readers tell me over and over when I just ‘throw’ something together to let them know what I’ve done. This one was worth making notes quick before I forgot! And aren’t the sprays great? Lifesavers for me!

  2. I love, love, love bbq chicken pizza and this looks better than any I’ve ordered at restaurants! I will have to make this soon to satisfy my craving for it now that I’ve seen yours. Please move back closer to me…please?!! We need to share our food!

    1. I just finished planting 25 plants in my front yard; afraid you will have to move closer to ME! (But glad we at least meet in the middle). This was so easy Holly…do it!

    1. I had a stone Kathy and it broke. Lost my faith in stones, reverted back to my old ways and never had a cookie sheet break on me. 🙂

    1. I do this a lot and friends ask when I’ll post it and I say ‘never.’ I just don’t think about posting my everyday messes! But I admit, this was worthy and now I want it again.

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