Turkey, Cranberry and Cream Cheese Sandwich

A Turkey, Cranberry and Cream Cheese Sandwich with Sprouts and Sunflower Seeds is a must after Thanksgiving Day!

Turkey, Cranberry and Cream Cheese Sandwich

I admit it; I’m pulling something from the Archives to publish again. I’ll hope you’ll forgive me but every year when I have my favorite after Thanksgiving sandwich, this Turkey, Cranberry and Cream Cheese Sandwich with Sprouts and Sunflower Seeds, I fall in love all over again. It’s been five years since I published it and I just know some of you will love it too.

One of my most favorite sandwiches…ever. I first had one at a local pizzeria and sandwich shop named Nick and Willy’s where you would buy the pie and take it home to bake. When in the mood for lunch, you could buy baked slices of pizza or order from a wonderful menu of sandwiches.

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One day I tried their turkey and cranberry sauce sandwich with the surprise of cream cheese and was completed hooked. When the location near me closed their doors, I had no choice but to try recreating it at home and soon a tradition was born. I look more forward to this sandwich on the Friday after Thanksgiving than I do the turkey the day before!

Turkey and Cranberry Sandwich with Sprouts and Sunflower Seeds

This year, after a week of dealing with strep throat, I decided to not spread my germs far and wide and opted to stay home alone on the holiday. That sounds sad but it really wasn’t. My kids were not coming back into town and I was exhausted after being sick all week so I really enjoyed a low key day without any expectations.

I still wanted to cook something though so decided to scale way back. Instead of a whole turkey I found some fresh turkey thighs that I smoked on my grill for a couple of hours.

I made some amazing Pumpernickel and Rye Stuffing with Bacon and Bourbon and my favorite Bourbon Cranberry Sauce and I was done for the day; enough for a small meal on Thanksgiving but as importantly I would have the goods I needed to make this Turkey, Cranberry and Cream Cheese Sandwich on Friday. I know I should have posted it sooner but well, stuff happens. That Christmas tree wasn’t going to decorate itself was it? 🙂

Turkey, Cranberry and Cream Cheese Sandwich

It was worth waiting for; honestly this sandwich has never disappointed. The smoked turkey was a bonus but it’s the tart cranberry sauce juxtaposed again the creamy cheese that is really the highlight of the dish. Sprouts add a nice, light crunch and the salted sunflower seeds are perfect; a bit of seasoning and some more crunch and I’m in sandwich nirvana.

If you’ve got some leftover meat; make this Turkey, Cranberry and Cream Cheese Sandwich. If you don’t…buy some. While for some silly reason I hold this special for the day after Thanksgiving, one year I made it for a crowd using chicken and son of a gun, it was terrific too!

I gave some ingredients to a neighbor who has grown accustomed by now to trust some of my more unusual combinations and while he had a bit of trepidation, he took home the sauce, the sprouts and the seeds and the next day let me know I was right…I knew that silly boy! So, take my word for it, OK? Make it!

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PIN IT! ‘Turkey, Cranberry and Cream Cheese Sandwich!Turkey Cranberry and Cream Cheese Sandwich with Sprouts and Sunflower Seeds on a Cutting Board

Turkey and Cranberry Sandwich with Sprouts and Sunflower Seeds

Turkey, Cranberry and Cream Cheese Sandwich

The best reason for Thanksgiving turkey is this sandwich for the day after!
4.44 from 50 or more votes
Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Course Sandwiches
Cuisine American
Servings 1 Sandwich
Calories 680 kcal


  • 2 slices sandwich bread
  • 1 tablespoon mayonnaise
  • 4 ounces sliced turkey breast
  • 3 tablespoons cranberry Sauce
  • 2 ounces cream Cheese
  • 2 teaspoons roasted sunflower seeds
  • alfalfa or clover sprouts


  • Smear mayonnaise on bottom bread slice and season with a small amount of salt
  • Layer turkey on top of mayonnaise
  • Slices of cream cheese goes on top of the turkey.
  • Dollop generous spoonful of cranberry sauce on top of cream cheese and spread to edges.
  • Put a small handful of alfalfa or clover sprouts on top of sauce.
  • Sprinkle with toasted sunflower seeds; spread mayonnaise on 2nd slice of bread and top off sandwich.
  • Cut in half and serve with chips and/or pickle spears.


Remove the breast from the turkey and then slice perpendicular to the bottom where the bone was, results in great, tender slices of meat.


Nutrition Facts
Turkey, Cranberry and Cream Cheese Sandwich
Serving Size
1 Serving
Amount per Serving
% Daily Value*
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
Keyword cranberry, cranberry sauce, cream cheese, Sandwiches, turkey
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  1. I have also had this sandwich before. Mine was at a little coffee shop in Flagstaff, AZ. I believe they are out of business now, but they had the BEST food! Oh, how I miss that place… Anyway, this sandwich is absolutely delicious!! creamy and crunchy, tart but smooth and mellow. I will be making it myself now that I see exactly what is on it. Thanks for this post!

  2. I had a similar sandwich at a little deli in Atlanta, GA near the Fulton County Bldg. They called it a Turkey Timothy, it was turkey cranberry and cream cheese. I too was hook from bite one. I will be looking forward to making it this Thanksgiving. They only opened for lunch and everything there was worth trying several times. But, that sandwich was a hit for me. Publix does one with bacon and no cream cheese. I finally tried it but not the same. I’m glad i’m not alone. Actually, while standing in line at Publix the women behind me started talking about the sandwich with the cream cheese. One bite is all you need.

    1. So you know. How GOOD it is. It does not compare at all the the stuffing, turkey, cranberry sauce. That is so yesterday. 🙂

  3. Oh, man! Cream cheese is one of my favorite things. I could probably put 1/2 a block on this sandwich and be very glad I did! Glad you discovered this sandwich. I totally see why you had to recreate it once the pizza place shut down. =)

  4. I love this sandwich, but the one I had was a little different , thick whole wheat bread thousand island dressing on one side with sprouts on the other side was cream cheese and cranberries not mixed together turkey in the middle it is so good. I had it at a restaurant in Ca.

    1. This year we had a hard time finding sprouts…seems their propensity to go bad easily has lots of stores no longer carrying them. I found some; the sandwich would not be the same without! Sounds like your big difference is the type of bread and the use of thousand island…I could do that too!

  5. I had a similar sandwich at a little nearby deli and am trying to copy it. Of course, the gal at the register said it’s “a secret”. Hmmm, I don’t blame her! I plan to mix the cranberry sauce & cream cheese to spread on together. I can’t remember whether it had sprouts or not. All I have on hand WITHOUT GOING TO THE STORE AGAIN is a loaf of French bread. I believe our sandwiches were toasted & without nuts. Also this is deli thin sliced turkey. Now, you probably wouldn’t think of serving this generic version to your guests!

    Gonna give it a try. Hope for the best. Arlene

  6. Hi,
    Have you ever tried it with smoked chicken? That’s how they make a similar one here in South Africa which is also pretty amazing!

  7. You know, I really look forward to the leftovers more than the actual Thanksgiving dinner. You can do so much with them! Infinite uses, really – soups, stews, tetrazzini…this fantastic sandwich. So glad you brought this one out of the archives.

    1. I’m with you Lana; I’m usually so exhausted by the time we eat that I have had dinners of not even enjoying the meal. I am cutting back a bit so I can enjoy the food on both days. This sandwich is fabulous but I”m now working on a grilled turkey, cranberry and brie. Fingers crossed for me OK?

  8. I honestly think that I like the turkey leftovers better than the turkey dinner! And I love ideas that come from a favorite restaurant – this one looks like a real winner! Thanks so much for linking up to Taste and Tell Thursdays.

  9. The sandwich is great! I was wondering if you’ve ever grilled it? I just had one and it was delicious but everything seemed too chilled (if that doesn’t sound weird.)

    1. I haven’t done that Sherylyn but certainly would. Glad you liked it…all your fault that I am now craving one. And thinking I have some leftover turkey in the freezer. And some cream cheese…off to thaw meat now!

  10. Yum!!! I love the turkey and cream cheese combo. It reminds me of when I was little and my mom would make turkey (or ham) and cream cheese roll ups. Thanks for sharing your amazing sandwich with us 🙂

    1. Wow, that takes me back a bit too…now imagine cranberry sauce and some salty seeds and you’re almost there!

  11. Barb, at first glance this reminds me of something my mom made me when I was a kid. Classic flavours. Old or new, this is a great looking sandwich. Wish I had some leftover turkey.

    1. I know…me too! But so many people make turkey for Christmas too that I thought this would be good to plan for in a couple of weeks. I know I am (I froze some of my smoked turkey!).

  12. This reminds me of a flavor combo of my childhood…must be the cream cheese with the tart sweet cranberry flavor and I love it! And what a gorgeous gorgeous photo, Barb! Drooling. Only something like this actually makes me miss Thanksgiving!

    1. That’s exactly why I love it Jamie; the different textures and the different flavors are just a great combination.

    1. Well, I wish you were closer; I still have a bunch! In a pinch…I’ve bought turkey from the deli too; you know when I knew the craving could not wait months.

  13. Looks wonderful! Especially with all that gorgeous white turkey meat. I’m a big fan of leftover turkey but only the white meat! My husband can have all the dark meat he wants for his sandwiches and soups, LOL.

    1. I used to fight for the dark meat with my brothers but I’ve come over to the white side…it’s all I want now too!

  14. ‘Come to Mama’! I’ve been eating turkey for over a week now, spinning into everything from soup to pasta sauce. One look at this photos and I’m lamenting the absence of cranberry sauce in my fridge but have pulled out the bag of turkey for a nosh. One can never read too many TG leftover recipes and one such as this deserves reincarnation to a more adoring public than your fan base of 2 (whom I sure adored it too).

    1. Thanks Toni; I thought so too. I did just make turkey soup and had some neighbors over. I used the carcass, wings and thighs from the smoked bird. Oh my…amazing; I’ll have to do one for sure each year now!

  15. I didn’t know Abbie could read. Wow, what a dog! This sandwich looks delicious. I think I’ve told you before that my favorite sandwich on the London to Nottingham train was turkey and stuffing. I started adding cranberry sauce to mine when I made mine at home. Being a real cream cheese lover, I can’t wait to try this combo.

    1. She is a wonder dog! If you love cream cheese you would love this. I was sure to save slices of the smoked turkey for one in a couple of weeks too when the craving will return.

  16. I agree with your daughter that the bread makes the sandwich. Every year I have a sandwich similar to this at a local restaurant. I’d swap the cream cheese for bleu cheese, add dijon mustard and grilled it. I’d also trade the sprouts for spinach.

    But that’s just me.

    1. Yours sounds good too but I have to stick with this as my favorite; the cream cheese with fresh cranberry sauce is why I love it so much and I’ve tried using just lettuce and spinach but something about the sprouts. I grow them indoors just for this day and this sandwich!

  17. I didnt have turkey, I had prime rib. But this picture, and this sandwich, makes me want to run out and get a turkey just to make it! Beautiful picture! Have a great weekend. 🙂

  18. Barb this sandwich looks wonderful!  And great photo.  I'm a fan of some of the flavor combinations that come from Nick and Willy's.  Clever, fresh and delicious.  My leftover turkey has already flown to the arctic deep freeze, but I'm saving this recipe.  Thanks for the post.

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