Vodka, Blackberry & St. Germain Liqueur Cocktail

This cocktail is a luscious combination of Vodka, Blackberries, Lemon, and St Germain liqueur. It’s beautiful too!

When I first published this cocktail almost ten years ago, I named it The Caberet Cocktail, same as the restaurant where I first enjoyed the libation. Ten years later I know that no one is searching for it, the restaurant is even gone, so we’re here again, more organically as a Vodka, Blackberry & St. Germain Liqueur Cocktail It’s too good to be lost in the archives forever.

I was sad to hear of the demise of Colt & Gray in downtown Denver, it was a beautiful place and we always enjoyed their food and cocktails. They closed their doors in December of 2019, so before the Covid curve; simply victims of rising rents in a pricey part of downtown.

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On that first visit, I was invited to join Sarah Gore, a local marketing rep; we had talked on the phone yet I know she wondered if I was really real and so that day, I decided to make an extra effort to arrive at the #twEATdrink event she had pulled together in downtown Denver.

I unabashedly admit I’m a suburban girl and offer no apologies for that. The effort to get to Sarah’s event was predicated by my schedule and getting out of my office before the rush hour traffic is in full on mode.

If I don’t plan that well…well, then there is no point; stop and go traffic is one of the things in this world that drives me BONKERS.

As it was, I left too late at 4:30pm and that resulted in an hour trip getting there for what is typically a 25 minute drive so the next time I’m taking my laptop, leaving at 2pm and doing some work with a cocktail in my hand to avoid a recurrence!

We met in the bar and Sarah was everything I expected…warm and friendly and surrounded by a circle of people for an evening of socializing with both old and new friends brought together by the magic of Twitter.

Sarah worked with the establishment prior to our arrival and we were given a list of specials that had been made just for us including cocktails, beer and some bar snacks.

Kevin Burke, the Head Barman had done us well with three fabulous cocktails; the Applejack Sazerac with Applejack, Maple syrup, Bitters and Pastis; the Hanky-Panky Updated consisting of Dry Gin, Dolin Rouge and Fernet and the one I chose for my libation, the Caberet Cocktail with St. Germain Liqueur, vodka, blackberries, and lemon.

And I mean lemon…this is no rim of the glass or simple lemon twist; no, this drink has pucker power in the mix. For me though it was the lure of the St. Germain liqueur from France.

I’ve only had one cocktail before with this elixir made from the elderflower and I was anxious to see how Kevin worked with it’s almost mysterious blend of sweet and citrus. Isn’t that the most beautiful bottle ever?

Caberet Cocktail with St. Germain Liqueur and Blackberries in a Square Cocktail Glass with a Blackberry Garnish

Kevin labeled this drink as refreshing and that’s true but I also thought it was beautiful. I thought my daughter would love this but I know she might prefer it a bit sweeter. So for her and her friends I made them a batch using lemon syrup with lemon juice and sugar; just a bit of sweet to cut the tartness I loved.

I liked both; depends on the mood but the flavor of the combined ingredients is the real star. I’ll have to experiment some more won’t I? Don’t cry for me…it’s a job and someone has to do it!

I remember how generous the bartender was too, he gave me napkins, swizzle sticks and even the square glass I loved to help me recreate not just the libation but the ‘feel’ of a bar in my photo studio. I used them for this update too…seems fair to keep that memory right?

I’ve got the blackberries and the alcohol…seems like the perfect Sunday afternoon for a gorgeous drink.  Cheers!

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PIN IT! ‘Vodka, Blackberry & St. Germain Liqueur Cocktail’

Vodka, Blackberry, and St Germain Cocktail
Tart and Red, this cocktail includes vodka, blackberries, and St. Germain liqueur.
Vodka, Blackberry, and St Germain Cocktail in Square Glass

Vodka, Blackberries & St. Germain Liqueur Cocktail

Creative Culinary
A refreshingly tart and sophisticated cocktail
3.84 from 50 or more votes
Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Course blackberries, lemon, st germain liqueur, Vodka
Cuisine American
Servings 1 Cocktail
Calories 183 kcal


  • 2 Blackberries
  • 1.5 oz Vodka
  • ¾ oz Fresh squeezed lemon juice
  • ¾ oz St. Germain Liqueur


  • 1 Blackberry


  • Muddle the two blackberries in a shaker and then add a handful of ice to the container.
  • Add the vodka, lemon juice and St. Germain to the shaker and shake for 10-15 seconds to thoroughly chill the contents.
  • Fill a cocktail glass with ice and using a strainer, pour the contents of the shaker into the glass.
  • Garnish with an additional blackberry on a decorative toothpick.


Nutrition Facts
Vodka, Blackberries & St. Germain Liqueur Cocktail
Serving Size
1 grams
Amount per Serving
% Daily Value*
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
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    1. Thanks…could not have done it without Kevin’s help…and maybe a bedroom mirror. Which of course I can’t take back because I know I’ll want to use it again!

    1. I had never purchased St Germain before but I did love the taste…it blended perfectly with the other ingredients. A very refreshing drink for sure.

    1. Thanks Deb; I am having such fun with the cocktails. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time but mobility or lack thereof made it hard! Now that I can hit the liquor store…look out!

  1. I love the flavors of St. Germain liqueur and would have selected the same Cabaret, too! Glad you finally made it to one of the tweetups, so you could meet Sarah and introduce us to Colt and Gray and this fabulous cocktail with us 🙂

    1. St Germain has become so popular I could hardly find it but I persevered and got what I call an ‘airplane size’ bottle. It’s now a new favorite liqueur.

    1. Thanks so much Ali. I loved the drink and one of the few times I actually liked my own photo, so your kind comment is much appreciated.

    1. Kevin gets all the credit…mine is simply a re-creation…which he gets a lot of credit for too now that I think of it for providing me with napkins, picks and even the glass! I did have those perfect picks, the same that he used…it’s those little things that sometimes make all the difference isn’t it?

  2. So glad that you were finally able to make the event Barb and it sounds like such a fun get together!! That cocktail not only sounds delicious ( I love anything with lemon!) but it is absolutely gorgeous!!!

    1. Thank you my friend…you know how we struggle with this photo stuff so I must admit…I was actually pretty happy with this one. I can’t always say that!

    1. Thanks Domenica! I know I was first swayed by the eye appeal when it was served to me…glad I loved it too. I’ll sometimes substitute vodka for gin and vice versa…I should do a test. I like testing. 🙂

    1. You have to start it maybe? I’ve been to other tweetups and have a food blogger group I meet with regularly…they’re all a fun way to meet folks with like interests in a very casual way.

  3. Barb, I love these series. Cocktails to me are so grown up a genre on its own and I am far for being well versed on the subject or rum, tequila, and vodka not to mention brands. I always think when I grow up, problem is am already are. They are so sophisticated and I still feel like such a child, so thank you for this series and education, maybe I will develop some suave when it comes to spirits and such:) Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

    1. So glad you are enjoying it Shulie. I am too…and now I’ve got more ideas than time to implement them!

  4. I think we have some of the same cocktail glasses! Added in a link for this week, wasn’t able to get myself together last week.

    1. Ah, I just noticed at the end, you got the glass from Kevin! Serves me right for not reading all the way to the end.

    2. No worries Jo…I needed that help. My local Crate and Barrel store has them and I know I’ll be picking a couple up this weekend. Just love that square cut.

  5. That first photo is so inviting and just gorgeous! Like from a magazine. You’re amazing, darlin’. Now how cool would it be if you could click your heels and have me show up there to try one:D Enjoy your Friday!xx

    1. That would be, I believe, beyond cool…Sarah is Dorothy, we know the Wizard has no powers…so let me ask her about making that happen and I’ll get back to you. 🙂

  6. I simply clicked my heels three times and you appeared. It was a delightful meetings with many more to come I am sure.

    What a great blog post, Barb. Thank you for your continued support of the Denver scene be it from your “home” bar or in person.

    And WOW, great recreation. Kevin will be thrilled. Hey, maybe he needs a new bar back.

    Cheers lady.

    1. Yes, and I need a fourth job. But thanks so much for pushing me a bit; glad it finally came to fruition and we got to meet…hopefully for the first of many!

  7. What a fun night it sounds Barb! Love the essence of the bar you conveyed in all the photos. I too was introduced overtly to St. Germain this summer. Some friends hosted a ‘Dog Days of Summer’ party in August with a bartender positioned on their beautiful front steps whipping up a St. Germain cocktail. It was really refreshing and of course I was smitten with the bottle. Glad you had the chance to finally meet Sara after so long of being ‘pen pals’.

    1. It was fun…I’m just glad that I’m not stopping myself much anymore from making treks like these. And thanks…creating that ‘bar’ was a real job which included bringing down a mirror from my bedroom. Soon I fear most everything I own will be tucked into the corner of my dining room!

    1. Heck I’ll bet you’ve picked elderflowers in your travels right? 🙂 I love the color too…no one more surprised than me that blackberries made this beautiful dark pink color.

  8. I agree with you, this cocktail is beautiful. So nice that you were able to meet Sarah in person finally and judging from this post, the traffic crunch was totally work working your way through to get to her event.

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