Smoked Ribs with Espresso Barbecue Sauce

Smoked Baby Back Ribs with Espresso Barbecue Sauce is one of our favorites; the sauce is out of this world!

Smoked Ribs with Espresso Barbecue Sauce with Dijon Mustard and Espresso in Glass Carafe

I grill a lot. If given the option, I will do almost anything on the grill in lieu of turning on my oven or even the stove. I have grilled in a winter jacket and boots during a driving snow storm.  I take a measure of pride that I can grill with the best of them. New to smoking though and thoroughly hooked after making these Smoked Ribs with Espresso Barbecue Sauce.

And by them I mean men. I know few women who use the grill, relegating that job to their manly men…I mean Tim ‘the tool man’ Taylor even had an aboriginal grunt to signify his prowess with all things both power tools and grill.

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I don’t know that I’ve ever uttered Tim’s battle cry but I do know I’m happy with the results and also the fact that cleanup is, well, what cleanup? That was always a factor with ribs; so good but SO messy!

Smoked Ribs with Espresso Barbecue Sauce Pieces cut from Whole Rib

I have never considered myself a barbecue blog or someone that espouses grilling as a cause. It’s just what I do, as common as cutting the grass, which I also do! So, it was with some surprise when I heard from the folks at Masterbuilt the end of August asking if I could join their CEO, John McLemore and their social media specialist, Alicia McGlamory, for lunch the following week.

John had a new book out called, ‘Dadgum That’s Good!’ filled with recipes for smoking, grilling, frying, boiling and steaming and wanted to introduce it to some folks. By folks…I presumed I would meet other local food bloggers and I was game since grilling really is something I love. I had no idea what to expect and certainly not these Smoked Ribs with Espresso Barbecue Sauce!

I could not have been more surprised that our lunch meeting turned out to be John, Alicia and, well, me. Yes, just me. Equally surprising was their knowledge of my blog. They knew I loved to grill and attention had been paid to my recipes and my style and they voiced interest in working together.

We found a mutual connection over the love of the game…the planning and preparation of foods and the sharing of that effort with friends and family that has always been at the forefront of my passion; this blog is simply a diary of the journey I have been on for 30+ years.

John was doing a promotional piece the next day in the 9 News backyard and I was invited to come watch them tape the episode.

This really was my lucky day. They had a couple of their smokers in the ‘backyard’ and when the piece was completed I got to take one home with me. It was like Christmas in August…I was seriously as excited as a kid and could not WAIT until I could start ‘smokin.’

My first experience was to smoke chicken thighs for what I called Smoked Chicken with Beer Cheese Sauce (my take on Welsh Rarebit!) which was so ‘Dadgum Good’ that I could not get over it.

I’ve since smoked some pork steaks, my own Home-Cured Maple Bourbon Bacon, these ribs and have some macaroni and cheese in now that I can not wait to try.  I think my poor grill is feeling very lonely!

One of the many things I love about the Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse is how easy it is to prepare amazing barbecue while still being able to spend time with your family and friends. Set it and almost forget it (I do like to turn foods over midway during the cook time).

I bought the ribs; made sure I had dried espresso powder and finally had the time to make these Smoked Ribs with Espresso Barbecue Sauce. They were so good; no words. Well a few. Make them!

Smoked Ribs with Espresso Barbecue Sauce on Butcher Block with Tomatoes and Jar of Sauce

John and Alecia also gave me a copy of John’s latest cookbook, ‘Dadgum That’s Good‘ and I’ve been dying to try more. I did make some slight modifications; no ketchup plus a bit of molasses. But still, I can say ‘DADGUM THAT’S GOOD!!!

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Smoked Ribs with Slathered with Espresso Barbecue Sauce
Smoked Baby Back Ribs with Espresso Barbecue Sauce

Smoked Ribs with Espresso Barbecue Sauce

Fabulous smoked baby back ribs with an espresso barbecue sauce.
4.89 from 50 or more votes
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 5 hours
Total Time 5 hours 10 minutes
Course Beef, Main Course
Cuisine American
Servings 8 Servings
Calories 716 kcal


  • 6 pounds Baby Back Ribs 3 racks
  • Sea Salt
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 small onion finely chopped
  • 2 tablespoons minced garlic
  • 2 cups chopped fresh tomatoes or 15 oz tomatoes in can
  • ¾ cup molasses
  • ¾ cup honey
  • 2 tablespoons course Dijon mustard
  • ½ cup espresso I used dried espresso powder reconstituted with water


  • Season the ribs on both sides with salt and pepper and smoke for 3 hours at 225 degrees in preheated smoker using hickory chips during first 2 hours of smoking.

To Make Espresso BBQ Sauce

  • Put olive oil in saucepan and saute onions until caramelized
  • Add garlic and saute for additional 2-3 minutes or until garlic just starts to turn golden.
  • Add tomatoes, molasses, honey, mustard and espresso and simmer until thickened; approximately 30 minutes.
  • Put sauce into a blender, a half of the batch at a time and blend until smooth.
  • Once the ribs have cooked the first three hours, remove them from the smoker, baste generously with the sauce, wrap in aluminum foil and return to the smoker for 1 to 1 and 1/2 hours at 160 degrees.


Nutrition Facts
Smoked Ribs with Espresso Barbecue Sauce
Serving Size
1 Serving
Amount per Serving
% Daily Value*
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
Keyword baby back ribs, espresso, smoked
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  1. I love when my husband was grilling salmon and the whole grill was shooting flammes – we had some black fish…but not blackened

  2. fantastic and so much flavor with this sauce on the ribs. Never new the espresso could make ribs taste even better. Now I need to get me a smoker to do it right.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the sauce Christopher; I like using espresso a lot; it doesn’t necessarily make something taste like coffee as much as ads a depth to the flavor. It is a favorite of mine now too!

  3. Favorite BBQ memory is grilling up tasty tri-tip for my 13th wedding anniversary party. Everyone agreed that the tri-tip and accompanying grilled veggies were amazing. The night was a success!

  4. My husband and I both love entertaining. We enjoy having a group of friends over and firing up our grill or our big green egg . We’ve enjoyed the versatility of the green egg and have used it for everything from pizza to salmon to brisket. I’d love this new toy to add to our outdoor cooking arsenal Can’t wait to try the above recipe! Thanks to you both for this wonderful contest

  5. My BBQ story consists of blackened chicken, but not the tasty kind you’re thinking of. Every Sunday each summer, my father would BBQ (the little charcoal round ones, with tons of lighter fluid so your meat tasted like, well..lighter fluid). He would slather tons of RAW chicken pieces with bottled BBQ sauce and THEN throw them on the BBQ. Burnt to a crisp chicken skin was a staple of my childhood. Carcinogenriffic! Good thing I learned the right way to do it.

  6. I’m not sure if it’s really a favorite BBQ story of mine, but I had invited a bunch of friends over for a BBQ one 4th of July and had been working away in the kitchen all day. I had already grilled up some kebabs, and threw a loaf of garlic bread onto the grill to toast. My guests started arriving early, and while I was rushing to get all the items spread out so we could start the feast, I kept thinking something was missing. About 2 hours later – I found the garlic bread, charred to a crisp!

  7. My fave bbq story is when a big group of my family got together at my brother’s house for grilling out and cornhole, and we put tons of metts and brauts and burgers on the grill, came back to check awhile later, and they weren’t even cooking! His grill wasn’t working right. We eventually had to go buy some food lol.

  8. My funniest barbeque story isn’t about something we made. A couple of years ago my husband and I planned to take a trip to Memphis and arranged it so we’d be there during the big BBQ cookoff. We planned to eat plenty of ribs while we were on that trip, but it wasn’t until we were headed home we realized we hadn’t eaten ANY! We were so busy and kept “saving” our rib feast for a special time, but that never happened. (We did have pulled pork sandwiches at one meal, so it wasn’t a total bbq loss)

  9. I’m vegetarian, but I love to grill veggies and pizza and even tofu. A couple of weeks ago, when we had a few chilly days, I made naan on the grill, and it turned out beautifully. But my extended family of carnivores would be thrilled if I won this smoker!

  10. I love to grill! Like LOVE to grill. I’ve accidentally forgotten about a couple extra burgers that I left on the grill one night. I turned off the grill, but why I didn’t pull everything off at once I have no idea. We were hungry. Discovered them a few days later. It was interesting. 🙂

    I have never smoked meat before but my husband would love if we got (or won) a smoker! 🙂

  11. I think the coolest thing I’ve done when grilling is cooking baby back ribs on my rotisserie. Of all the ways I’ve tried cooking ribs on my grill, I think this was the best; the ribs were moist and tender.

  12. My favorite BBQ story is that my husbands favorite BBQ sauce is Open Pit. I find that funny, some others may not 😀
    I follow you on twitter. I am now going to also subscribe to your email updates. Should have done that long ago. I will tweet about this giveaway. I will follow @Masterbuilt on twitter and Facebook and if I don’t already, I will follow you on Facebook too (but I think I already do). There, is there anything I’ve missed? Oh yes, I will flap my arms and squawk like a chicken (a smoked chicken that is)!
    BTW, lovely ribs recipe. Can you pass me a bib?

  13. My favorite story is when my kids were little we were in a little town in the Wisconsin Dells and we ordered ribs at a restaurant (that was way before my daughter became a vegetarian). When the ribs came they fell right off the bones…they were so moist too. My son thought something was wrong with them since they fell off the bones and he wouldn’t eat any until we mixed the meat into the beans. At the end of dinner we all decided those were the best ribs we had ever had…moist and flavorful. I tried for a few years to replicate them and finally found the way to make them….in a pressure cooker. Now I pressure cook my ribs and then put them in my stove top smoker. Yum. Would love to try the smoker you used.

  14. I hail from the north so barbeque was not exactly a time-honored tradition in my family. But once I tried my first real smoked ribs, I decided I had to try my own hand at it. I’d read about cardboard box smokers and wouldn’t you know it — I just happened to have a wardrobe box lying around. Do you have any idea how much smoke you’ve gotta generate to fill one of those? It was a huge endeavor, but well worth it… though it’d probably be far less work with one of these fancy things…

  15. I know that this might sound crazy, but when a hurricane hit here, I think BBQing was a huge bonding thing for everyone. No one could cook in their homes and we basically had to cook a freezer’s worth of food within 2 days, so we got creative and made it a family activity. 🙂 it’s my favorite BBQ memory to date!

  16. My story – is more of a complaint. I had a smoker, but it was so inconvenient and didn’t hold the heat. One day I nursed it along as best I could trying to keep the smoker from getting cold (because it was losing heat), keeping the smoke going, blocking it from the wind and still after most of the day we had raw meat. I was ready to give up on smokers. One day (even if I don’t win) I will find another smoker, and it will have door on the front instead of a top load. That didn’t work out well at all.

  17. The first time i ever used a smoker I smoked some ribs.I couldnt keep the temp up and i was a mad person running out there every 10 minutes throwing more wood on! But they turned out awesome!

  18. In the 50s, our family used to barbecue outside. In Michigan. In December.

    WHILE it was snowing.

    Hamburgers w/ a side of frostbite

    Then we thought it great fun; today it would probably be called abuse..

  19. Oh my goodness!! That smoker rocks!! And those ribs… fortunately, my family is not home right now because if they saw this post I would be making ribs RIGHT NOW!! Fortunately, I can now make them as a surprise and earn more brownie points!!!

    Seriously can’t WAIT to make this…

  20. OMG Barb! I totally want those ribs. They look out of this world!

    My story is that I made baby backs with a dry rub and peach bbq sauce 2 summers ago. The people who came to dinner that night STILL go on and on about how great they were. It was a simple recipe, but they just turned out perfect! Love it when that happens.

  21. One of my favorite BBQ things to make it grilled BBQ chicken pizza. I do the whole thing right on the grate, crust and all. The trick is to have all the toppings ready to go at the grille before you turn it on. I’ve dreamed of doing it with smoked brisket. Maybe dreams will come true!!!

  22. My father-in-law’s 80th birthday/fathers day 2004. Had family in from all over the country and I was running a gas grill, a charcoal kettle and an offset smoker all at once. Probably the best BBQ day of my life.

  23. absolutely LOVE that you were the only one invited to that meeting Barb – SOOOO COOLLLL!!! grill story . . . i don’t really have any good grill stories except to say that my dad loved to grill but more importantly he LOVED, LOVED, LOVED to smoke fish, ribs, brisket – anything and everything!! i got his smoker when he passed away but it’s never really worked properly . . . guess i don’t have the touch . . . does that count as a failure??? would love to try this puppy out!

  24. I’m a terrible barbeque girl. In fact, I’ve been banned from grilling ever again! You set the carport on fire ONE TIME and the whole family thinks that you’re a menace. If Daddy had swept the leaves out of there like I had asked, they wouldn’t have caught fire, right? So it’s totally his fault. ((First person to say that I shouldn’t have been bbq’ing in the carport gets a rib bone in the eye!))

  25. What a giveaway! Fantastic. I have only recently gotten into grilling (I’ve lived in apartments for 95% of my adult life until a few months ago), so I’m learning. My parents recently came to visit from Iowa, and so I asked them to bring some sweet corn and we grilled it. Yes, we did! It’s hard to mess up good quality Iowa sweet corn, but it’s WAY better on the grill. Problem is you need a good 20-30 minutes to prepare. You peel back the husk and take out the stringy parts (I’m sure there is a technical term, but I’m too lazy too google it). I melted butter and added in some sea salt to the mixture, which I then rubbed on the corn. Then I pulled the husks back over the corn using one piece of the husk to tie around the cob and make a cute little package. You grill for 20-25 minutes on medium heat. SO WORTH IT.

  26. My one and only attempt at grilling ribs was a complete disaster! I followed a recipe and an indirect heat, low and slow method and thought I was making these killer, fall off the bone ribs. I had my in-laws over for dinner only to end up serving some seriously raw in the middle ribs! Talk about mortified!! I’ve been gun shy about making ribs ever since 🙂

  27. Those ribs look wonderful! Have you tried grilling avocados? We are a family farm that grows avocados…but we haven’t tried grilling them yet. When we barbecue we usually do burgers, tri-tip or chicken. I don’t even do my ribs on the barbecue….I do them in the oven! Would love to win a smoker! When we first moved to California my brother tried to barbecue a turkey for Thanksgiving. We waited all day, and into the night before we ate pieces of (mostly) cooked turkey. No roast turkey smell in the house, no gravy, no stuffing. It was SAD! I’d rather barbecue almost anything but turkey!

  28. Once when we were grilling I marinated some pineapple skewers in the fridge, then took the glass bowl outside, put the skewers on the grill, then when they were done, put the finished skewers back in the bowl. The bowl was still cold from its time in the refrigerator. Yep, it shattered. Luckily I didn’t get hurt, but we also didn’t get to eat our pineapple skewers…no desire to munch on glass!

  29. I can make ANYTHING on a grill. Having lived in South Florida and survived 5 hurricanes, and lived for weeks without power, I’m kinda a pro, but NOT at smoking… I would LOVE to learn how to smoke…

    Favorite BBQ Story…. during a hurricane of course, lol (though I grill and BBQ ALL year long) and we had used most of our food. We were down to ground turkey which was no longer frozen, various canned vegetables, rice, chicken stock and eggs… so I invented “pilgrim stew.” I literally threw it all into a Le Cruset and put it on the grill. Browned the ground turkey first, then added the stock, then rice, then canned veggies (we are talking beans, peas, carrots, corn, green beans, tomatoes, you name it) thank heavens for salt and pepper! It wasn’t bad, it filled us and our neighbors up!

  30. I already follow you on twitter – I just followed @masterbuilt and I tweeted your giveaway
    I just entered to win an Electric Smoker from @creativculinary and @Masterbuilt! Enter here: #giveaway

  31. I just subscribed to your blog via email – I can’t believe I wasn’t already subscribed since I love your blog!! Anyway … in the email that comes to activate the subscription it still has your old blog name “subscribe to vino luci style” – thought I’d let you know so you can fix that …

  32. I LOVE to BBQ!! I’ve made my own smoker – the Alton Brown clay pot smoker but would love to have a serious smoker and would be absolutely thrilled to win the Masterbuilt smoker.. Please pick me!!!

  33. We used to have a grill with the gas piped in direct from the house line. Which was super convenient. Especially when I forgot to turn it off one night and left it running for 24 hours. I didn’t figure this out until it was raining the next day and I saw steam rising from the grill!

  34. Oh, boy. I’m always hesitant to enter because I never win (but I did just win NYC trip, what am I thinking? ha). I’d love to have this. My favorite BBQ story is … my husband is the man who does it all. Does that count? Really, he’s amazing so I fix everything else and he does the grilling. Thanks for the opportunity, Barb!

  35. Hmmm…favorite story. I guess it would be this past year when I smoked some salmon for charcutepalooza. My 18 month old chowed it down by the fistful and cried when it was all gone. He loves him some smoked salmon.

  36. Those ribs look AMAZING. Being a female college student, finding the time and money to BBQ is rare. The last time I did BBQ was probably my fav. My bf goes on & on how good he can grill & that I wouldn’t know what I’m doing because I’m still learning how to cook. Ha. I bought some ribs, grabbed some spices and BBQ sauce and took my time with cooking the ribs while he kept complaining how they were just going to be “ok”. In the end.. he was speechless with how good they were and how they fell off the bone. Not only do I now have rights to say my cooking is getting better, but I can say my ribs are waaaay better then his 🙂

  37. Barb, I can totally picture you grilling during a driving snow storm. I’ve never done that, but I have grilled with one hand holding an umbrella and holding a spatula with the other.

    When I try your recipe, it will be the first time I’m cooking with MOLASSES! Wow, I feel like I will grow up a little bit that day!

  38. Those ribs look great! One of my favorite BBQs was smoking a turkey while camping at Death Valley (National Park) I lit the smoker at 4am and let it smoke until 1 on Thanksgiving day. The turkey came out a dark mahogany and was perfect! What little we had left over made excellent sandwiches….

  39. I love BBQ, my favorite is cooking a whole turkey on my weber (indirect heat and drip pan). The look on peoples eyes when I open the lid and there is a whole turkey on the grill is priceless.

  40. Like many families, the only thing my dad cooked was BBQ. One of the strongest food memories I have is from my early childhood is our family gathered around the table with a large platter piled full of BBQ Chicken sitting in the center. That chicken with crispy skin charred black in places is the taste of BBQ to me.

  41. Every year my family had a roasted turkey for Thanksgiving! So last year we decided to take it to the grill and smoke that bad boy. Of course this was the first experience so we should have started earlier because we didnt get to eat until after midnight!! Tehcnically Thanksgiving dinner never happened :/ BUT that turkey was the best we’re ever had and now I am obsessed with smoked meats!

  42. My favorite Bar-b-que story comes in the form of memories of my step dad, Dave. He would soak his wood chunks for days… lovingly dry rub his ribs and brisket with just the right amount of his home made “magic”. We were never ever allowed to learn about that “magic”. He even once made us a smoked prime rib. It was HUGE and smoked for about 14 hours. He had risen at about 3:00 a.m. to start that one. What Dave didn’t do for his smoked meats! They were perfect. Every time!
    I miss you, Dave and i miss the fantastic meals you would make for us. RIP. 🙂

  43. My husband totally wooed me with his cooking talents before we were married (and ever since then I might add), so one day I decided to really impress him while he was at work. I went to the store and purchased the LARGEST chicken I could find. My thoughts were…the bigger the bird, the juicier it would be.

    I fired up the grill like I knew what I was doing and plopped that bird down just imagining the magnificent feast I was going to serve him that night for dinner. Little did I know this “small turkey” was a stewing hen! I was so attentive to the bird on the grill and thought I had roasted it to perfection. I was grinning ear to ear when I brought it in, just knowing my future husband would be amazed with my talents. Although it looked beautiful when I brought it in off the grill, I have to say that Dadgum, that was THE TOUGHEST and THE DRIEST chicken I have ever tasted in my life! It truly was inedible. Luckily my hubby wasn’t relying on my grilling talents to marry me!

    And up until this past summer, I never touched that grill again. But, this summer I have managed to make some wonderful dinners on the BBQ grill and now I really want to try my hand at smoking things like a chicken (albeit smaller than my first), ribs, turkey, brisket, pork loin and so many other things! I’ve watched so many of John McLemore’s videos and some tv appearances and he truly inspires you to try your hand at smoking (among other things).

  44. I am the grillmaster at our house. In all other respects, my wife is a much better cook than me (although I do bake a mean chocolate cake…). I love to grill burgers, steaks, hot dogs, you name it. However, I’ve never had the right tools to try smoking, and I SO want to do pulled pork, brisket and ribs. I would love to have a smoker like this one. I’m crossing my fingers big time!! 🙂

  45. Best memory hanging out in the backyard,spur of the moment throw the tents up start a fire in the pit,roast some corn,and potatoes,hotdogs, a couple of big flank steaks,and of course some smores,we had the best time,gazing at the stars eating very well,and smelling that glorious scent of food being cooked over an open fire,next morning biscuits and gravy in our pajamas.simple but awesome

  46. One time I decided to cook a leg of lamb on the grill on a rotisserie….It was a thing of beauty and I was so looking forward to having a lovely dinner.
    I had the temp up too high and when I checked it hours later it looked like a giant lump of char coal…..
    I now leave all the grilling up to my husband who is a pro.
    I am the prep chef!
    We sure would love to have this smoker….I promise I won’t touch it.

  47. I am new to grilling and would love to trying smoking meat. I would love to try to make brisket and burnt ends in this smoker.

  48. My favorite BBQ would be when 4 friends and I rented a house down on Lake of the Ozarks. We used a cheep webber kettle but grilled up 4 amazing steaks after a long day on the water 😀

  49. I think my favorite bbq memory was while visiting memphis. We had AMAZING ribs for at least 4 nights in a row. Loved spending time with my family gorging on delicious ribs!

  50. What an amazing giveaway! My grandfather always makes bbq ribs at family events, and one year he somehow forgot to marinade them or make the sauce. An honest mistake, but people were positively mutinous! He hasn’t forgotten since…

  51. This is what we are doing to in my house. We grill outside when it is winter too. We can not get why grilling and ice-cream are inappropriate in the winter, bah! 🙂

  52. My favorite grill story? Well, got a million but this one stands out: the thanksgiving that the oven blew up and I had to use the grill to fisnh cooking the turkey…Now I always have an extra tank of propane on hand, just in case.

  53. I’m counting this as a bbq story, I recently purchased a new home with a fireplace. My big brother was in town helping me fix up the place and when he was here he cooked steaks on the grate inside my fireplace. They were some of the most amazing steaks I’ve ever tasted!

  54. First off, that looks delicious.
    Second, my barbecue story: I spent 2 weeks in Bermuda this summer and every night I made steaks! Even though I’ve never grilled they were pretty good. But best of all was the view from the deck – incredibly beautiful! Those nights have gone down as some of my favorite memories.

  55. I love smoked meats, but can never keep the temperature on my bbq grill at a constant temperature. It’s either too hot or not hot enough. I live in south Texas and we have been in a drought for over a year and everything is bone dry so we haven’t been able to use our charcoal/wood grill this summer for fear of starting a grass fire. An electric smoker would be a blessing!! Constant temperature and no fear of fire!

  56. Growing up, we didn’t have a grill, so mom boiled the ribs, then baked them. Imagine my surprise when I found out there was any other way to cook them.

  57. Let’s put it this way…our grill was our first major purchase together. When we got married my maid of honor mentioned it her speech…to applause, so yeah, our frill is important. We grill when it is is below zero…often. Such is Chicago life.

    Now we NEED a smoker…for Christmas. My dad promised to make his award winning BBQ if we have one! PLEASE?!?

  58. It’s fess up time. I have no story of my own to tell. I’ve never grilled. My dad was the grill master. That title then was passed on to my little brother. When I got married to the chef, guess what I did? I prepped the food for the grill. And that’s pretty much all I’ve done these years we’ve been married: prep for the grill:)Not that exciting of a story. But I can tell you, all the meals I’ve ever eaten grilled by my Italian men have been delectable. I love the story of your lunch and how you got to take home one of the smokers. Definitely Christmas in August. You deserve it, Barb. xx

  59. It’s definitely not a story with a happy ending, but when I was new to grilling I decided to smoke some ribs on my propane grill. Bad idea. I couldn’t get the temperature low enough, and after a full day of anticipation I took them off, served them up, and found that they were as dry as sawdust.

  60. My boyfriend and I once forgot about our bacon we were grilling. We opened the lid on the grill and wondered what we had planned on cooking – there was not even a little trace of bacon left!

  61. I was just talking to my husband the other day about building a smoker – we Serbs cannot live without smoked porcine products:) That way, we can split the duties – he can grill, I can smoke!
    I am not surprised that you got invited – you are a grill master and you deserved it:)
    I would love to win this baby (my chicken man sells smoked thighs, but I cannot take him with me to the U.S., unfortunately:)
    My BBQ success or failure? The first time I made BBQ ribs for my husband, using Alton Brown’s recipe and defying his mother’s horrid tradition of boiling the meat first (abomination!). I have to say I managed to convert him!

  62. Even though my husband does most of the grilling I love to smoke a pork roast and make pulled pork and homemade coleslaw for the family. I would love to win this smoker!

    Here is my story.We just moved into a new rental a month ago. We are used to having a big open yard to grill in but this house has a huge screened in porch around a pool in the backyard. First time we are grilling my husband pulls the weber out and sets up outside the porch on the sidewalk. He starts the grill and the flames are flying. Next day he goes to put the grill away and sees he melted a sprinkle head. LOL

  63. Being from Wisconsin, I love to grill up some homemade pizza (with a lot of cheese) and beer-battered brats.
    I sure can cook and grill, and love to do it, but I’m a huge failure when it comes to baking. I think it has something to do with needing to follow exact instructions vs. being able to use my own creativity and measurements. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but I think being able to use some of my own creativity to master the art of a perfectly smoked pork for the Packer game on Sunday’s would not only make me the best fiancee in the world, but also aligns with my skills!

  64. I usually do all the grilling in my family. Like you, I take pride in knowing I can grill far better than both my brother and boyfriend. However, on one occasion shortly after my stepfather had purchased a new grill he decided he was going to do the grilling this time. He also felt the need to boast about how he was a grill-master and I decided to focus on making the sides.

    After putting the hamburgers on the grill, he settled in to watching one of those horrible hallmark movies (which he loves). I feel the need to add that my mother and I were a bit distracted that day as we were also planning the meal for my sister-in-law’s upcoming baby shower. Hours pass….and more hours. It was only after the completion of hallmark movie number 2 that my stepfather remembered that there was a grill on, with burgers still on it. Needless to say they were about 2 inches in diameter and were as hard a hockey pucks. We had potato salad for dinner. He leaves the grilling to me nowadays and has never boasted about being a grill master again.

  65. My neice was graduating HS and my sister decided not to do any cooking. She hired a caterer to do it for her. I said what can I do? She had heard I had tried smoking and asked if I could do pulled pork for it. I said no problem, how many people. So she gave me a number and I calculated how many butss to do. I decided to do a bit more, I had a feeling it would go over well. I also made a chipotle BBQ sauce for it and I also bought a regular sauce. Well to make a long story short. All of my pulled pork, including all the extra was gone well before the catered food. Most use my chipotle bbq sauce and loved it. I had alot of people ask me how i did it and if I would be able to make them some another time. Everyone loved it, well the caterer wasnt to happy……LOL

  66. Last time I made dry rub ribs, I accidentally doubled the cinnamon, and the ribs ended up tasting a whole lot like Christmas! They weren’t bad, but definitely too candy-ish for my taste. Next time I’ll measure twice, pour once! Thanks for the giveaway!

  67. recipe: add 1 jalapeno to my sauce
    recipe had a water stain over the “1” so add whole jar
    bring company to their knees
    drink beer

  68. There is meat and smoke involved, therefore I am at the computer not just blog stalking you for once but actually commenting again. Apparently my carnivore side just had to get a word in 🙂

    BBQ story… So, all of our newlywed friends (oh, about 13ish years ago now) thought I was just the most bizarre wife because each birthday, anniversary, etc. I was always out for appliances and tools for the kitchen, which I’m told is usually quite the taboo for gifts. They wanted clothes, jewelry, etc. – I wanted mixers, blenders and most especially a charcoal kettle grill. I’m proud to say that I still have said grill and use it (not as often as I’d like) but fairly regularly. Now I just need a gas one for speed. If I had a smoker, well, my outdoor ‘kitchen’ (aka ‘the deck’) would be that much more complete and there are no limits to the number of things we could think up to get ‘smokin’.

    Great giveaway Barb! I wanted to stop by mostly because I feel bad that I’ve been so MIA, but let’s face it, I finally got off my butt to comment because this would enable me to make my own bacon and then therefore that bacon jam of yours that has been slowly killing me for weeks! And, oh, those ribs! Yeah. I’m definitely more carnivore than anything else!

  69. My husband makes the absolute BEST smoked pork shoulder. It is a family favorite, and sooo easy! It would be great to have an electric smoker instead of the propane one, thats for sure!!

  70. We’ve been smoking like three times a week for the last month since we’re heading into the cold season here in Iowa and will likely have to put away the smoker until Spring. Or at least only enjoy it on our bravest of days 🙂

  71. I can’t wait to try your rib recipe! Now . . . . if I just had my smoker!

    I think women should take charge of the smoker, I’ve got a number of female friends that have done just that – we do the cure, make the rubs, the basting sauces (I love to spray my dry rubbed ribs with 1/2 & 1/2 bourbon and apple juice), and concoct sides and desserts to make in the smoker. My husband used to say “if it’ll sit still she’ll smoke it!”

    I can remember a time when we set our smoker up on the aft deck of our houseboat and filled it with pork and turkey to use in a special chili lunch I was planning on making for the people I worked with. There was just something special about the smoked meats in the chili. Everyone loved it and wanted to know what I’d done to make it so “different”. Smile.

  72. This is an incredible give away! You have no idea how great! When we decided to take a 3 month trip to CA from North Dakota we had to make the hardest decision ever – we had to leave our smoker in storage there!

    Now we’re going to be here in WA state for a long while and I MISS my smoker! I miss smoking my own bacon (double or triple smoked over apple and maple), our own ham hocks, homemade sausages, and OMG did I mention smoked baked beans? Did I mention bacon lattice wrapped chile relleno stuffed “fattie” or the salmon smoked on a bed of fennel?

  73. Your rib recipe is killing me here! Mac & cheese in the smoker is one of my favorite things.

    Many years ago I got my first smoker and my first grill, living alone allowed me to enjoy all my smoked goodness, and share with good friends. When I met my husband I moved my smoker into his backyard in one of the first loads and turned him on to the wonder of cherry smoked leg of lamb, smoked duck, a lovely smoked turkey for our wedding reception (that disappeared in a heartbeat)! He was sooooooo hooked!

    I’ll be “liking Masterbuilt” on Facebook!

  74. My husband bought a rotisserie for our gas grill. We have done rib roast, chicken, turkey, boneless chicken thighs (skewered and tied), and pork shoulder. We have gotten a lot of use out the rotisserie this summer.

  75. I grill a lot, too! But I’ve never done a casserole and don’t own a smoker. After many years of “letting” my husband do the grilling he finally takes the goods off the grill 5 minutes before he thinks it’s going to be done 😉

  76. What an awesome giveaway!!! My husband love to grill year round – this smoker would be a great way to get grill flavor without standing out in the snow!

    Earlier this summer my husband was grilling on our back porch. I was inside and had just put our fresh sweet corn in water on the stove top. The phone rang and was for my husband so I stepped outside and took it to him. Meanwhile our neighbors had come over to talk to my husband while grilling so I stood outside with them for a few minutes to talk to them while he was on the phone. The wife of the other couple (in their 70’s) had been wanting us to come see their house. She asked several times so finally we said we’d come over quickly – stupidly leaving the grill and completely forgetting about the corn. About 20 minutes later during the house tour my husband mentions his excitement for fresh sweet corn. The trigger went off and I screamed “the sweet corn”!! I ran across the yards back into our home to find the water had completely boiled down and the corn was scorched on the bottom of the pan. Needless to say we had burnt burgers and no corn for supper that night!

  77. I bought my husband a new BBQ for Christmas a few years ago (we lived in Kansas). It was on our deck. He didn’t set the lock on the wheels. Late one night, we heard what we thought was seriously a tornado coming, LOUD, banging sounding wind. Ran out and looked on the deck (there’d be no tornado warning, but it was windy out). The BBQ, rolled over to the stairs of the deck and went crashing down about 8 steps. 🙁 It was only a few months after I’d given it to him as a gift. It got a hole in it, but thankfully still worked! When we moved from Kansas last year, he gave it away free to someone–and we still don’t have a grill! It drove me nuts over the summer not to have one yet! Then with that grill, one time I was out of town and my husband had a friend over and they were making ribs for them and the boys. They shut the lid on the grill (with ribs inside) and my husband left to run to the store. Half way there, he had the impression to go back. (The friend was in another room with the boys). The ribs were under the shut BBQ shooting flames out in all directions (the BBQ was on our roofed deck). If he wouldn’t have gone back, it would have caught the house on fire! Lesson–Mommy can’t ever go out of town ;), 2–when grilling ribs, leave the lid open when the grill is on the deck! sigh

  78. Oh I have always wanted a smoker! I have tried numerous times to smoke things on my gas grill, but it just never seems to work right. One time I thought I did everything right but the ribs were totally overdone and leathery. GAH! So frustrating!

  79. I’ve been thinking about getting a smoker recently and if I can ribs as good as your look, I need to start looking a little harder. Either that or win one! 😉 Seriously, those ribs look smokin good!!!
    One time my then boyfriend and I went camping. We were about 8000 feet in elevation and I have never been in windier weather. We had a hellava time keeping the BBQ lit to make our supper. After many attempts, we finally got a little fire to cook our burgers or what ever it was we were cookin, but we had to eat in the car because of the wind. We got up really early the next morning and left. Just too damn windy. We coulldn’t do anything. Made for great memories tho. 🙂

  80. I’ve subscribed via email – btw, I’ve never seen a subscription work that way, its pretty cool all the different ways people can subscribe!

  81. First of all, your ribs look delish! Secondly, lucky you! 🙂

    I never was much of a BBQ’er. Grumpy likes his meat (steaks) much rarer than I like to cook it so I just would leave it to him, but my first time BBQ’ing chicken that was not parboiled was a super success. I learned that you don’t cook the meat on the direct heat – and that chicken was the best I ever made! Even Grumpy liked it!

  82. the pic of the ribs look good. i have a masterbuilt electric smoker. i have done smoked chicken – i was so amazed at how they turned out. i thought you could cut it like it was butter. lol. but it did not melt. i have done smoked pork also. the chicken was my faverite to be done in the smoker. i thought the skin was to crisp but it was so good. my ribs were a bit on the dry side. i left them in to long. your picture is great. i could just reach up there and bite in those ribs.

  83. First I have to say – this recipe looks ridiculously fantastic and the mention of that smoker has got me terrible excited!

    I don’t think I have any terrible amazing or memorable individual barbecue (or “braai” as we call it) moments. Every man in my family thinks they are the big fire God that can make magic on a grill, but I guess that covers every man full stop! And their confidence is not shattered despite numerous occasions of my father falling asleep when he was meant to be tending to the fire, my uncle repeatedly forgetting that “fire is hot” and plunging his hand into embers for different reasons and then being surprised that it has burnt and my boyfriend, despite really disliking every other form of cooking, insisting on making fry ups on sunday mornings on our braai.

    My father used to own what we called a “skottelbraai” – it was a gas-powered portable wok for want of a better description and would put together up to about his waist height and the totally smooth surface allowed him to cook things like eggs on it. There is an award scheme over here called the “Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme” which you can do at high school age and part of the three challenges is a planning and walking a hike. My father, as a marshall, would go along to camp near the place where the kids had all mutually agreed to pitch up for the night (to make sure none of them misbehaved or that any trouble occurred) and in the morning, he would set up the skottelbraai and start cooking breakfast letting the smell of eggs and bacon and smoky tomatoes cascade through the camp of hungry, grumpy kids who were only allowed to eat what they carried, and they usually only carried beans. He would end up surrounded by the hungry, hopeful, desperate faces of fifteen year olds craving bacon and seemed to take great delight in telling them no, they are not allowed his bacon as he slathered butter on toasted rolls and shoved his breakfast into it.

    He claims he never did this to torture them. But the fact that he got rid of the braai the same year he stopped marshalling seemed to be proof that its primary reason for existing in his life was to torture tired schoolchildren with the smell of bacon.

  84. The first time I used my new powerful grill, I singed my eyebrows because I didn’t read the instructions before I lit it. It was funny since I was not hurt especially since my high school reunion was only weeks away. Thanks for the giveaway chance.

  85. I am one of “them”, too. I used to be convinced that I would blow up the neighborhood if I touched the propane tank. The day I learned to turn on the grill is the day that I took the tongs out of my husband’s hands – and I haven’t given them back. These ribs – with that glorious sauce – must be tried! As for the smoker…well, I have truly dreamed of having my own smoker. Fish, meat…I want to try it all.

  86. Oooh, what a great prize. I need one of these.

    My first attempt at barbecue (I have since gotten quite good at it) was with a water smoker I bought at a garage sale. There was no instructions and this was back in the dark ages before there was an internet to look such things up. So we decided to wing it. And since smoking meats is such a time consuming thing, we decided to make A LOT. As much as it would hold (did I mention we were young and stupid?). Well we used too much wood which produced too much smoke. Everything came out with a thick charred layer. We ate about 2 bites and the rest got chucked out. After that we did some research before our second attempt, which worked beautifully, as have all since.

  87. Every birthday form my kids i smoked some beef brisket and something else. Well this year I did chicken breast and was busy playing with the kids. Smoke a breast oo much and you have a rubber piece of meat.

  88. I’m not entering of course but had to slip in a comment regardless. I’ve never seen a back yard smoker and this Masterbuilt one looks awesome. Even better is that you had that wonderful luncheon with John and Alicia. How awesome is that! You just never know who is reading your wonderful blog Barb. Your baby back ribs look mouthwatering. Enjoy that new *Christmas present* of yours, as I know you will.

  89. My favorite story is one from my mom. She is from New Jersey. She was having dinner with my dad and his family who were in South Carolina at the time. They told her they were having bbq. She saw a couple side items come off the grill but noticed the main item was still missing. It was right then that my grandmom walked out and put a whole pig on the table. My mom freaked and ran from the table. They still have a belly laugh when they tell the story. I adore my family.

  90. This smoker looks fantastic. I don’t know that I have a favorite BBQ story, but just about my favorite thing to come out of a smoker is the Turkey that my dad smokes on Christmas eve every year. Generally using apple wood, it is just about my favorite thing ever. I think it always add to the flavor when there was piles of snow that had to be trudged through in order to get to the smoker.

  91. My favorite barbeque memory happened at a local horse show, of all places. The sponsors decided to smoke a whole hog overnight, and through the day of the horse show. Problem was the smoke pit was placed just outside one corner of the arena. The horses would run the course, jumping the jumps in a predetermined pattern. Every single horse, except OURS, freaked and refused that particular jump. We determined with our horse pasture adjoining a neighborhood of backyards, to Slicker it was like being home. Our daughter won with the highest points that day, and the pig tasted amazing!

  92. Best moment was when I had a Pay Per View party. I made Smoked Chicken Wings off the Dadgum recipe book all My friends told me they where the best they ever had. Ever since I have been hounded to have another get together!

  93. Ribs are my favorite food in the whole world! Because I live in a high rise with no balconies and communal grills on the rooftop, I’ve had to perfect an oven baked method where I just finish them up on the grill — communal grills mean sign-up sheets and time limits. Looks like I’d be able to wheel this baby up to my rooftop, plug in and finally smoke me some ribs at home. Won’t those stuck on the Webers be jealous…

  94. My favorite BBQ story was on Christmas eve my dad caught all the BBQ on fire and came running in looking for water to put out the fire. He was so excited to be BBQing on Christmas that we all ate the burned food and pretended it was great so we didn’t hurt his feelings. It was definitely a lasting memory!

  95. I think my one and only good bbq story (more of a smoking story) is that when I first moved to my current city I was kind of struggling to feel I fit. Then I smoked my own bacon and the whole process was so comforting.

    DATE: Saturday, October 15, 2011
    LOCATION: Callahan, Florida
    WEATHER: Mostly Cloudy; Temperature: 82*F; Winds: N 0 mph; Dew Point: 48*; Humidity: 30%; Pressure: 30.04 inHg.
    EQUIPMENT: Masterbuilt Electric 40” Smoker; Two Maverick ET-732 Thermometers; Two Baking Cooling Racks; A-Maze-N-Pellet-Smoker; Wood Pellets (Mixture of Hickory and Cherry).
    MEAT: Winn Dixie Brand Packaged Corn Beef, 3.025 pounds; Nettles’ Smoked Hot Sausage Links, 11 pounds.
    SPICES: Garlic Powder; Onion Powder; Fresh Course Ground Black Pepper, Small Spice Pack that comes with the brisket.
    REPORT: I have never used an electric smoker. so other than its initial seasoning a couple of days ago, this is the inaugural cooking in this Masterbuilt Smoker. It is also the first time using the A-Maze-N-Pellet-Smoker (AMZNPS).

    I set the MES40’s Temperature Control at 225*F. I drained the Corn Beef Brisket of the packaged brine mixture; Patted it dry with paper towels; Placed it on a Baking Cooling Rack (makes for easier loading and unloading); Rubbed all sides with a light dusting of Garlic and Onion Powder and Heavily Encrusted it on all sides with Fresh Course Ground Black Pepper and added the small spice packet, that comes with the brisket, to the fat cap side. I placed the rack in the smoker on the 3rdshelf from the top, with the fat cap up.

    I also took a package Nettles’ Hot Smoked Sausage and laid them on a Baking Cooling Rack and placed them on the top smoker rack.

    I lit the AMZNPS, as per the instructions, and put it in the smoker. I placed a foil tent on top to prevent meat drippings from putting out smoker. I was getting great Thin Blue Smoke (TBS) from cooker.

    About 1 ½ hours later the sausage’s Internal Temperature (IT) was 173*F so I removed the sausage from smoker.

    About 7 hours from start time the corn beef brisket’s IT was 171*F (it had been at that temperature for about 40 minutes. I removed the corn beef brisket from the smoker. I let it rest for about 20 minutes then sliced it with an electric knife (got to get a slicer).

    Everything was great! The sausage was tender and moist. It had a great smoked flavor. The smoked Corn Beef Brisket turned out great also. It was moist and tender. It had a great smoke flavor. The black pepper encrusted rub made a great looking bark, but I wasn’t really trying to get a bark. I let it rest for about 30 minutes and then sliced it up. It looks as good as any Pastrami in a delicatessen, but tasted so much better than any I have ever had.

    You can check out pictures by going to the photo section of my Facebook page (link above).

    Now where did I put that bread, Provolone Cheese and spicy Dijon deli mustard?

  97. Growing up in NC, my family had yearly pig pickins’. My uncle had a huge one every year for his birthday. That’s one way to insure that you get a party – throw it yourself! These yearly bbqs were a big event, almost like a family reunion with friends and neighbors thrown in for fun. I remember him mixing up his special sauce (not sure of the exact recipe but it being eastern NC it included vinegar and red pepper). He would “wash” the pig with this special sauce. I’ve been fortunate to travel a great deal and have tasted some really good bbq but never as good as my uncle’s.

  98. On the way to a bbq contest I ran over a possum, we didnt have anything for the exotic class so my buddy and I decided to skin and clean the thing…we got to the bbq contest site…cooked the darn thing and won first in the exotic class, after the contest was over we were gonna toss the thing 2 old boys come up and almost got into a fight over it they said they had been judges and wanted to take it home…bestbbq they ever tasted LOL

  99. I made these on Saturday… fantastic recipe.

    I used a full cup of regular strength coffee, and substituted molasses for the honey. Wish I’d thought of using up the last of my garden’s tomatoes. Instead I resorted to squeezing a bunch of ketchup packets.

  100. Barb, this is all fantastic and what an experience for you!! And gee whiz JP and I are begging for a house with yard so we can garden and barbecue. I have so many unimportant stories about bbq – eating pork sausages for the first time on a Girl Scout cookout (pork was not eaten in our home), going to a fancy french bbq when husband and I had visions of an American feast, my dad standing in our driveway flipping steaks and burgers on the grill, or, the best, 4th of July bbq’s at my aunt and uncles in New York where we ate till we dropped with loads of hot dogs, burgers and Uncle Al’s fabulous homemade cole slaw. And need I mention “borrowing” my little brother’s back porch to barbecue for visiting friends on last year’s trip to Florida when he was out of town and he got so mad he and his wife have never spoken to me since? True story. Yup….

  101. I would love to win this! Oh man, I can taste these ribs – beef or pork!
    I had reasonable success with smoked duck salad, using a covered charcoal BBQ, so for a special New Year dinner party decided to do it again. It was a very windy day – put the duck on the coals, covered it, watched the temperature rise to the right level, and left. Noticed A LOT of very black smoke but thought perhaps the flu wasn’t working right in the heavy wind – so I went to check. There, in the middle of the grill where I had left the duck was this LITTLE BLACK BALL! Now what was I going to use for a salad? I was in a panic. In disgust I threw the charred mess on the counter – the skin dropped off and inside the meat looked – well– perfectly white. Cautiously I sampled it – delicious!! I peeled off the rest of the char, diced the meat, and it was the best darn smoked duck salad I have ever made. PROBLEM: I have never been able to duplicate the just-right smoky flavor! LOL
    I once left my late husband alone to BBQ steaks for dinner – they had an amazingly horrible flavor, but not wanting to upset him and seem ungrateful for his offer to cook I remained silent – it wasn’t until I cleaned the grill that I saw he had run out of charcoal and had used NEWSPAPER! UGH!

  102. I am signed up to receive your emails. Glad I found this site. Crossing my fingers I will win an electric smoker so I can make these ribs!

  103. The first time I had burnt ends was in Kansas City, MO. I’m from MN and my husband is from MO, so he LOVES barbecue. He wanted me to try them because I always thought burnt ends really meant it was burnt – like blackened meat! Well, now we laugh about it ever time we have ribs – burnt ends included, of course.

  104. Um, wow. I love saucy ribs, and it looks like those would not disappoint. It has been hard for me to get used to the dry BBQ they do down here!
    My sad BBQ story – in college one year I lived with 3 other girls. We decided to have a party and invited people over. On our tiny porch-size grill we decided to cook chicken. Except, well, no one ever really teaches girls how to grill, so after two hours of the chicken on the grill we were still waiting for it to be done… It wasn’t a good party.

  105. This is crazy good giveaway Barb! OMGoodness you are full of surprises aren’t you?! 🙂 These ribs look to die for I will substitute beef for the pork but love the sauce you made with coffee, molasses, honey and more. The way the sauce is slathered all over the ribs very mouth watering!

  106. Oh my word, those ribs looks amazing! And what a giveaway! Barbecue stories? Hmmm, at a loss except to say that one of the best presents I ever gave my husband was a gas Weber grill. So worth every penny!

  107. Being a through and through Southern girl, anything that comes from the grill or the smokehouse is like a little bite of heaven to me. And I admit that I usually leave the cooking on the grill chores up to my husband, but every one in a while I just have to give it a try myself. I’m getting better, but have nowhere near your mastery yet. When I was a young bride and living in the cold, cold Northeast U.S. where we were sent by the U.S. Navy, I one day found myself longing for something from the grill. Didn’t matter too much – steak, ribs…anything as long it had that wonderful from-the-grill taste. Well, it happened to be the middle of January with about 12″ of snow on the ground, but did that stop us? No, it did not. We set up the grill, got the charcoal going and, by golly, we had steaks for dinner. Right off the grill. And they were dadgum good, too. The neighbors, however, thought we’d lost our minds. A few even ventured out into the snow to ask about the two crazy southerners with their grill fired up in 15 degree weather. Whatever! I got my steak and I was happy.

    I’d love to give one of the smokers a try! I remember fondly my grandfather’s little smokehouse in the backyard and the wonderful tastes and smells that came from there. It would be so much fun to try to duplicate some of those smoky favorites.

  108. I follow you and Masterbuilt on Twitter. I forgot to tell you that one of my friends that has one of these uses the smoky meat drippings to season her sauce. It is killer! I’d love to combine your recipe and hers. Your ribs and sauce look wonderful.

  109. Great giveaway Barb! You know that I have been coveting your smoker since you got it because I am a girl power bbq’er too. I fired my husband from his bbq post several years ago when he burned $50 worth of salmon while watching the World Series. Funny thing is, he really didn’t seem that upset. I think he might have done it on purpose. Oh well, we are all happier now. Count me in!

  110. I can cook just about anything, but I am no bar-b-que-er. Thank goodness for my husband who can grill anything to perfection. We use charcoal. I never get the right amount of briquettes, use too much fluid, coals don’t stay glowing long enough to cook the food – you name it – I have done something to ruin things every time I have attempted to grill. Maybe I would do better with a smoker!!

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