Pimm’s Cup Cocktail – Drink Like You’re at Wimbledon!

If you’re a tennis fan and watch Wimbledon then a Pimm’s Cup Cocktail is a necessity. If you’re not a tennis fan…well, it’s still a delicious drink; have one anyhow!

The Pimm's Cup Cocktail in a tall glass with orange and lemon slices, cucumber, mint and a strawberry.

One of the things I most enjoy when doing a Classic for Friday Cocktails is discovering the history behind a well known drink. This is certainly one of those times and in this instance history is wrapped up with a grand tradition. The Pimm’s Cup Cocktail is considered the signature drink for Wimbledon…what more could you ask for this weekend?

Although Wimbledon started play a while back, I knew that I wanted to feature the Pimm’s Cup during the final round of matches. This coming weekend should include some of the most exciting tennis there is…and it seemed that it would be the perfect opportunity to quaff this thoroughly Wimbledon cocktail.

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The Pimm’s Cup’s primary ingredient, Pimm’s Gin No. 1, originated at an oyster bar in London’s financial district in the 1800’s. Bartender James Pimm blended the original concoction of gin, quinine (the ingredient in tonic water that gives it a bitter taste) with a variety of herbs to make his Pimm’s No. 1 Cup tonic.

Originally served as a digestive for his clients, the original recipe remains a secret held by only a handful of people. I wish I had a hint of what is in there; it’s an aroma that is hard to define through scent or taste and everyone queried guessed at a variety of ingredients and few hit on any that were the same. So the mystery remains but the story continues!

The Pimm's Cup Cocktail in a Pitcher with Fruit and Cucumber Slices

The No 1 cup is as popular today as ever; first introduced as an English summer drink, the first Pimm’s Bar opened at the Wimbledon tennis tournament in 1971 and every year, over 80,000 pints of the combination of Pimm’s and lemonade are sold to spectators.

Though most closely associated with Wimbledon, it has a long history of appearing at events for the ‘upper class’ including cricket and polo matches, yacht regattas and an annual opera festival. I wonder if they would have been up in arms to see my motley crew sitting around a picnic table in shorts and t-shirts…and not a one of us with our pinky properly extended!

To understand the huge popularity of the Pimm’s Cup, imagine it is to Wimbledon what the Mint Julep is to the Kentucky Derby. Yes, that big!

The version I’ve made includes a recipe for lemonade by combining simple syrup with lemon juice which is then combined with Pimm’s and sparkling soda. In Britain you would most often see a call for the use of 7-up in lieu of the lemonade and soda.

I much prefer our ‘Americanized’ Pimm’s if that’s what I must call it; especially since you can sweeten the cocktail as you prefer by upping the simple syrup ante a bit for those with more of a sweet tooth. Still either way is good…as long as you get some fizz!

The Pimm's Cup Cocktail closeup with orange and lemon slices, a cucumber wedge, and garnished with strawberry and mint.

I first published this cocktail six years ago. I remember that day well. It was not at my home, I had little control over the light and it was so bright I needed sunglasses to look at the post. Today was close but I think these photos are a better representative and give me a chance to introduce you to the Pimm’s Cup Cocktail all over again.

When I first made this cocktail one year for the 4th of July, I actually made several but only used two for photos…when company arrived we brought the other glasses that I had put lemonade into out to the table in the backyard to finish with the other ingredients and enjoy with our dinner. Let’s just say that despite loving the bite of lemon, discovering that I had forgotten to add the simple syrup to my glass at all was a real eye opener. A little bit of sugar is a very good thing.

I found Pimm’s (no one ever actually calls it by it’s full name of Pimm’s No. 1 Cup) easily at a decent sized liquor store and it is considered a liqueur if you have to hunt for it. As for those garnishes; they have little to do with the overall taste but all of my guests agreed that the abundance of fruit and color just added a certain something that spoke loudly of summer. While some might decry their need…it’s just so damn pretty that it’s a need I will continue to have.

Get ready for this weekend…get some Pimm’s and soda, make some lemonade and start practicing now. Tennis? Heck no…drinking with the uplifted pinky; remember..we’re at Wimbledon!!

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The Pimm's Cup Cocktail in a Pitcher with Fruit and Cucumber Slices
The Pimm's Cup Cocktail in a Pitcher with Fruit and Cucumber Slices

Pimm’s Cup – Drink Like You’re at Wimbledon!

Creative Culinary
4.43 from 50 or more votes
Prep Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Calories 267 kcal


  • 2 oz fresh lemon juice
  • ½ to 1 oz simple syrup equal parts water and sugar boiled just until sugar dissolves; cool
  • 1.5 oz of Pimm’s No. 1 Cup
  • Lemon-Lime Soda Club soda, sparkling soda water or plain seltzer water
  • Garnishes: Cucumber spear or slices mint, lemon, orange and strawberries


  • Combine lemon juice and simple syrup to make lemonade (start with 4 to 1 ratio and increase to half of each if sweeter is desired)
  • Fill a tall glass with ice; add Pimm’s and lemonade and top off with your choice of soda; stir to mix.
  • Garnish with cucumbers, citrus and strawberries.


Nutrition Facts
Pimm’s Cup – Drink Like You’re at Wimbledon!
Serving Size
1 grams
Amount per Serving
% Daily Value*
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
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  1. Sharing this today on my blog and a post about Wimbledon and linking back to you! Hope you are okay with that! This is super and I love the background about it! Hoping to make one tonight! Love the blog! Kim

  2. I have had the Pimm’s cup but made with Ginerger Ale…I add the cucumber, orange and lemon slices. What a refreshing summer cocktail! I will have to try it with the simple syrup and lemon next time.

    1. It seems there are a lot of variations but overall it is exactly as you state…a really refreshing summer cocktail. Enjoy!

  3. Why haven’t I made this drink at home? It is a must-make and now it is fresh in my mind, thanks! I’ve enjoyed this drink at horseraces in England and at summer bbq’s in Bermuda. Your photos are gorgeous, wishing I had one of these right now!

    1. Now this is a must make…you, me, Karen and Ansh; all with British connections. Mine being that I know you and Karen. 🙂

  4. I must say the cucumber garnish is my favourite bit–it soaks in all the flavours of the drink but then retains its own delicate unsweetened crispness that is a balm all its own on a hot day.

  5. Pimm’s Cup is a classic alright. And what a gorgeous post. Your photographs are absolutely stunning and utterly tempting.

  6. My first Pimm’s was made and served to me by an expat from Britain. It was such a lovely refreshing drink made all the more special by the graciousness of our wonderful hosts at that memorable summer barbecue. I imagine all your guests walk away from your gatherings feeling the same way.

    1. I sure hope so Paula. I get such real pleasure out of taking care of friends by feeding them and giving them new cocktails to try; I can only hope they get the same pleasure from enjoying them!

  7. Your delightful Pimm’s cup is a great refreshing summer drink. I remember the very first time I even had a Pimm’s cocktail was with my friend from the UK watching a cricket game here in HK. I love all the fruit hanging off and in your drink, so pretty. Have a super weekend. Take Care, BAM

    1. Thanks so much! I know some might lessen the fruit component but it sure looked pretty and sometimes pretty matters. Have a great weekend yourself!

    1. It’s very refreshing Lana…especially good when you remember to include the sugar. 🙂

    1. I’m sure learning a lot about a bunch of them that’s for sure…but for most of these Classic drinks it’s like a school research project! 🙂

  8. The Pimm’s Cup is such a lovely drink! Great for summer – it’s so refreshing. I agree that lemon squash (lemon juice and sugar, mixed with the club soda) is perfect for this drink. 7-up is convenient, but just doesn’t cut it. However, the Sprite brand actually tastes OK in this – yes, I’ve done extensive taste testing! Some people also like to use ginger ale, though I think the taste is a tad funky. Anyway, great post – thanks so much.

    1. I’ve heard some love ginger beer too John and a friend says to try Champagne (for me that would mean prosecco); it’s then a Pimm’s Royal Cup. In any derivation I’m sure I would love it; it’s the Pimm’s that counts.

  9. I sincerely love Pimm’s. My favorite memories of it are sitting outside on one of the rare hot days in England having a Pimm’s Royal Cup (Pimm’s with champagne instead of lemonade) with friends while watching our kids play. I’ve never had it with American lemonade, just English lemonade, which is what they call lemon lime soda. It kind of reminds me of a delicious alcoholic iced tea. Yum! I’m feeling parched all of the sudden.

    1. I was correct to assume you would most certainly know this drink! I’ve gotten all sorts of suggestions…suppose I will have to test them huh? Wanna help?

    1. I knew as soon as I sipped it; talk about pucker! I remedied it quick and we were back on track. Whew huh?

      Thanks for the sweet compliment; if you only knew what it takes. I either get to my kids to take shots indoors or desperate to not make that trip I try to do them on the back porch; under a trellis that shines a fabulous pattern if the sun is out. I’m jerryrigging something soon; always finding someone to hold up a big sun blocker for me is not a given!

  10. When we make pimms, we often soak the pimms overnight with cucumber, strawberries, oranges and mint, and then add extra fruit to the cocktails when mixed with lemonade the next day. The fruit really adds to it!

    1. Wow…that sounds good too. I did put a lot of fruit in this sucker; I would need to start my own fruit stand if I were going to do this regularly! 🙂

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