Watermelon Cucumber Cocktail with Lime

Not just for the 4th of July; the Firecracker, a Watermelon Cucumber Cocktail with Lime, is fantastic all summer long!

Watermelon, Cucumber, and Lime Cocktail Garnished with Watermelon, Cucumber and Mint

After a three year battle with the builder of my home; they finally had to accept the fact the I was not giving up or giving in on some issues and have finally started to manage them. Which means I’ve missed some Friday Cocktails and that is just wrong. Hopefully this Watermelon Cucumber Cocktail with Lime will make up for it; it has been a big hit this summer!

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My sod was originally put into place without actually prepping the clay underneath it and it’s left both a bumpy mess to walk on but also means a great deal of the water I pay for to keep it green simply rolls off underneath it.

Two weeks ago the sod was removed and the soiled prepped with organic matter and last week they started sod replacement on Friday. I felt I needed to watch the contractors like a hawk…so no cocktail but a repeat of one of my all time favorites.

This Watermelon Cucumber Cocktail is such a unique combination of flavors but the end result is beautiful and so tasty; great for all of your summer holiday get togethers! Cucumber adds an  unexplainable element to this drink; more of a clean refreshing quality than the taste of a veggie…and that’s good!

I moved into this house with a builder landscaped front yard and just grass and rock and more rock in the back yard and I thought I could handle it. I was wrong. I have completely redone the front yard, removing most of the plants deemed suitable by the company that does lot after lot after lot with the same look, and it’s getting there.

While I did replace all of the foundation plants (not sure who the landscape designer is but grass is NOT a foundation plant!), my biggest change has been to include a variety of landscape perennials along the front border.

Watermelon, Cucumber, and Lime Cocktail Garnished with Watermelon, Cucumber and Mint

Daisies, yarrow, purple speedwell and ever-blooming daylilies are starting to provide the mass of blooms I longed for.

I like perennials that not only last almost all summer but tolerate dry conditions; they get a bit of water from the sprinklers watering the grass so I haven’t had to add them to my drip line which is perfect…color without using more water!

Still it’s hard work as every hole requires digging out heavy, compacted clay and replacing it with a planting mix before even considering taking the plant out of the pot. At the end of the day I’m tired and when I should be making a cocktail and taking photos…I’m sort of crashing.

The heat is here and my days of planting are almost over; a couple of shrubs after the deck is in and I’m done for the season. Yes, once I’m done I will absolutely do a post with photos!

I admit I’ve worked unimaginably hard…getting the grass done will hopefully be the final piece and I can pat myself on the back and take a break for a bit. It’s time for a cocktail or two right?

Watermelon, Cucumber, and Lime Cocktail Made with Prairie Vodka

I was fortunate to have a bottle of Prairie Organic Cucumber Vodka on hand; it was sort of perfect for this Watermelon Cucumber Cocktail. Prairie has taken their corn-distilled vodka and added garden fresh cucumber flavor.

I liked the simplicity of this blend; pretty straightforward without additional flavor notes. One reviewer said and it’s true, ‘A quiet recreation of cucumber sandwiches, hold the sandwiches.’

The thing about cucumber in a cocktail is that it’s not extraordinary; but is at the same time. It’s adds a cool element, much like cucumbers do to a salad or sandwich. Not overwhelming or overpowering, nope just something almost indiscernible yet still so refreshing.

If you can’t find cucumber vodka, just add a couple of slices of cucumber when you muddle together the lime and watermelon; that should do the job nicely.

Watermelon, Cucumber, and Lime Cocktail with a Sugared Rim and Fruit Garnish

This is so perfect; one of those ultra refreshing cocktails that I think I need to have ready after a day of that gardening stuff…and today I do. So while I head out to get a second lavender bush in the ground you can start before me and be enjoying one of these in your own garden. It’s not just a beautiful look; this is one damn fine cocktail.

More Watermelon!

PIN IT! ‘Watermelon Cucumber Cocktail with Lime’

Watermelon, Cucumber, and Lime Cocktail Garnished with Watermelon, Cucumber and Mint

Watermelon, Cucumber, and Lime Cocktail with a Sugared Rim and Fruit Garnish

Watermelon, Cucumber, and Lime Cocktail Garnished with Watermelon, Cucumber and Mint

Watermelon Cucumber and Lime Cocktail

Creative Culinary
A most refreshing cocktail that is surprising. Cucumber is an amazing addition; making this such a cool, crisp, cocktail!
4.54 from 50 or more votes
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Course Vodka
Cuisine American
Servings 2 Cocktails
Calories 323 kcal


  • 4 oz Prairie Cucumber Vodka See Notes
  • 4 1- inch cubes of seedless watermelon
  • 2 limes diced
  • 2 oz simple syrup Boil 1/4 cup water and sugar just until sugar dissolves. Add 1/4 cup ice to cool - refrigerate leftovers

To Garnish:

  • Lime Rim equal amounts salt and sugar combined with some fresh grated lime
  • 2 Watermelon Slices
  • 2 cucumber slices
  • 2 small mint sprigs


  • Combine vodka, watermelon and lime in a cocktail shaker. Muddle all ingredients well. Add simple syrup, fill with ice, cover and shake until ice cold.
  • Rim the glasses with a cut lime and dip in the lime rim mixture.
  • Fill the glasses with ice and pour the ingredients from the shaker into the glasses.
  • Garnish with a watermelon slice, a cucumber slice and a mint sprig.


No Cucumber Vodka? No problem.
Simply add a couple of slices to cucumber to the watermelon and lime and muddle them together; use regular vodka of your choosing. Enjoy!


Nutrition Facts
Watermelon Cucumber and Lime Cocktail
Serving Size
Amount per Serving
% Daily Value*
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
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  1. Still loving this summer cocktail after making it for the first time in 6/2015. I’ve gotten a number of friends to embrace it as well. Most recently I texted this post/recipe to the clerk in the store that helped me find a new quality cucumber vodka since Prairie Cucumber Vodka was discontinued. Thanks Barb for enhancing our summers!

    1. I love that you love it! What brand did you discover? I was sad to see them gone too so I’ve just been muddling a bit more cucumber; might be nice to have the vodka again. It’s like the cocktail I posted yesterday that used peach vodka; I also added fresh peach but the two together really insure the flavor will come through.

  2. I made this for an 81st birthday party for my mom. I have been obsessed with this recipe ever since. The sweet and salty with zest on the rim is superb! Why did I never think of it??
    The drink is refreshing and I struggled to keep up with the orders flying in from my family. Try it. You will love it!

    1. So pleased you love it too Jennifer; it is seriously a huge favorite of mine. I like to wait until we can get Colorado watermelon before I make them so they haven’t shown up yet on my back porch…hoping to change that for the 4th of July!

  3. This looks interesting and I’m debating between this and one other recipe for my Fourth of July party. That is a ton of simple syrup though. I’m a bartender so I’ll let you know what I come up with if there is a better balance of flavors. I’ll probably just infused the vodka with cucumber myself. And I’ll probably purée the watermelon first to make it into a juice instead of muddling it. Muddling works better to impart flavor where the fruit or veggie being infused is still in chunks and can be removed with a strainer to avoid it getting stuck in a straw.

  4. New houses are really nice, but there’s loads to do with them. And I’ve never seen a new house that didn’t need much (or all!) of the landscaping redone. Glad you’re getting there. You’ll enjoy this firecracker of a drink on your new deck. Once it’s done, that is. 🙂

    1. I am so ready John…this has been beyond an adventure; the stress has taken it’s toll and I’m a tough bird! Still, yes…can’t wait to sit and sip when all is said and done!

  5. That sounds like an incredible amount of lime for a couple of cocktails. Am I reading this correct? Two entire limes? Thanks.

    1. You had me wondering myself but when I break it down it’s about 2 Tbsp for each cocktail which also contains an ounce of simple syrup which is also about 2 Tbsps so there is a balance to that tartness. Between that and the sweetness of the watermelon it was perfect. If you think it might be too much; revise the portion to one lime and see how it goes; always better to err with less and add some than the opposite.

  6. Drink sounds amazing! Can’t wait to try it out!! I was wondering if you could share where you got those stunning cocktail picks from? Thanks!

    1. Indeed you did! And loved your other comment; have to wonder sometimes about someone who complains like that. But I don’t wonder much; life is too damn short!

  7. Could you put the recipes first so we don’t have to wade through pages if commentary if we are in a time bind or just want the recipe please. Thank you.

    1. I’m sure if you fill out the forms in triplicate she can refund you the ten seconds you wasted scrolling past her heartfelt personal writings.

  8. ThisThis is the MOST gorgeous looking cocktail I have seen in a long time! I am going to try this for sure. Watermelons and cukes are abundant right now and I have fresh mint growing in the garden. No chance of finding cucumber vodka in Molise, Italy but I will create my own version as you said! Cheers!!

  9. Now all I have to do is figure out how to do this without purchasing the cucumber vodka. Love your post, BTW; so many of us are so glad about SCOTUS’ decision. My two godchildren are gay and I love that they can now marry legally.

    1. Just put a couple of slices of cucumber in with the watermelon and limes when you muddle them, that should do it. Enjoy!

  10. Lana sent me over after I’d seen her post. As I told her, this is one of the most delicious looking summertime cocktials I’ve ever seen. I seriously am excited to try this very soon. Pinning and thristy 😉

    1. Thanks Renee…several people have already made it and loved it too…you won’t be disappointed!

  11. Barb~
    Thank you so much for the prompt reply. Just finished making & started sipping this cocktail!
    It is wonderful. So light & refreshing!
    Can’t even be bothered with the outdoor thermometers reading 110-114 degrees.

  12. The recipe calls for 2 diced limes. Is that 2 lime wedges diced? Or 2 whole limes diced?

    Planning on making this to get through the “Excessive Heat Warning” today–112 degrees!!!

    1. It’s 2 limes, one per cocktail. It brings a bit more ‘limeishness’ to the cocktail to crush the lime and get the juice and some of the lime oil from the rind but the amount of juice is typically only about a tablespoon per lime which is why a whole one is called for.

  13. What a refreshing cocktail and after all the work tending to your garden I bet this really hit the spot. I don’t have cucumber vodka but I am sure I can pull it off with some great plain vodka and some cucumber slices crushed, right?

    1. Absolutely; I think I mention that somewhere; if you don’t have cucumber vodka just add a couple of slices of cucumber to the cocktail shaker when you muddle the watermelon and limes. Enjoy!

  14. We really live in interesting times! And I’m happy we do. I know loads of people for whom today’s decision is really, really important — happy for them. And I’d be happy to have one of these to celebrate! Great looking drink. Love that garnish! Thanks for this.

    1. We do and I am too John. I’m the product of change; it can happen! People have to stop with their rhetoric and remember, they are people, just people like everyone else and for one group to try and circumvent how another group lives their ONE life on this planet is beyond me.

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