Cheesy Waffle BLT Sandwiches

Want to mix up breakfast and lunch? Try these Cheesy Waffle BLT Sandwiches, they are fantastic!

Cheesy Waffle BLT Sandwiches are Waffles filled with fresh tomatoes, thick cut bacon, and lettuce.

Several weeks ago I did a post about an event in Denver that I was invited to with other local bloggers that was held at D Bar Desserts in Denver for the Tillamook Loaf Love Tour.

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Although I admit I was most interested in begging asking the chef for this Lemon Drop Martini recipe; his burger recipe is what inspired these Cheesy Waffles BLT Sandwiches.

The chef used a variety of herbs and some pimento cheese for his ‘burger buns’ and it was amazing. Still, I had to do my own thing right?

Tomatoes for Cheese Waffle BLT Sandwiches

I procured the most amazing tomatoes when I visited Denver Urban Homesteading the Saturday following the event. Though I arrived a bit late and missed some vendors, I totally scored with the MAIN thing I wanted to find?

Some locally grown Heirloom tomatoes, Perfectly ripe and juicy, the two of them weighed in at more than a pound apiece with slices the size of your palm…absolutely perfect!

Cheesy Waffle BLT Sandwiches start with the Waffle!

With some green onion in the mix, my own bacon at the ready and the last of my basil harvested, I was on a mission! Of course you don’t have to cure your own bacon but a nice thick cut works well here.

As much as I love tomatoes, I simply don’t eat them during the winter when they are so terrible; I know it’s getting close to ‘no tomatoes’ time and I’m on the hunt for as many ways to use them as possible…and I have to say this was such a good choice!

Though the event we went to used the waffle toast for Kobe beef burgers, with these gorgeous tomatoes I decided to try my hand instead with Cheese and Herb Waffle Toast for a Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich. Maybe the best BLT I’ve ever had!

Cheesy Waffle BLT Sandwiches Served on a White Square Plate with a Basil Leaf Garnish

I’m sure these waffles would be great in a lot of applications, but really try them now, when summer tomatoes are at their peak. Once they’re gone you will wish you had!

Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato on Cheesy Waffle Toast

Cheesy Waffle BLT Sandwiches

Creative Culinary
A fantastic Bacon, Lettuce, andTomato Sandwich made with Cheesy Waffles instead of toast.
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Prep Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Course Pancakes and Waffles
Cuisine American
Servings 4 Servings
Calories 1550 kcal


For the Waffles:

  • 2 eggs separated2 cups flour
  • 4 teaspoons baking powder
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • 1 ½ cups buttermilk or add 1 tsp of lemon juice to regular milk and let it sit for 5 min
  • 2 Tbsp melted butter
  • ¼ cup of green onion chopped
  • ¾ cup of grated cheese I used Tillamook White Cheddar - so good!

For the Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich:

  • 8 Waffles
  • 8 pieces of lettuce
  • 4 large tomato slices or the equivalent
  • Salt and Pepper
  • 12-16 slices of crisp bacon
  • Mayonnaise or my favorite...I combine mayonnaise with some whole grain mustard; approximately 2 Tbsp of Mayo combined with 1 tsp of mustard
  • Basil leaves for garnish


To Make the Waffles:

  • Beat the egg whites until just firm; set aside.
  • Add all the dry ingredients to a clean mixing bowl; whisk to combine.
  • Beat the egg yolks and add them to the milk.
  • Stir the liquid ingredients into the dry onesl
  • Add melted butter and beat on low until just combined.
  • Ad the shredded cheese and the green onion and mix in.
  • Fold the egg whites into the mix and stir gently until just combined.
  • Preheat your waffle iron. Add batter and cook according to manufacturers' directions.

To Construct the Sandwich, layer the components in this order:

  • One waffle
  • Slice of lettuce
  • Tomato slice (salt and pepper the tomato)
  • Bacon
  • Dab on some Mayonnaise
  • Slice of lettuce
  • Second waffle

To serve, cut in half on the diagonal and skewer a basil leaf on each half.


    Nutrition Facts
    Cheesy Waffle BLT Sandwiches
    Serving Size
    Amount per Serving
    % Daily Value*
    * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
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      1. Thanks for letting me know. Seriously…nothing makes me happier than someone enjoying a dish I post about. That is the whole point! Of course now I’m craving one too.

      1. Thanks Kate…though I have to give chef Keegan Gerhard credit for inspiring me…but I sure loved the BLT part!

    1. Not sure how I’d eat this stacked waffle sandwich but I know I’d have a heck of a good time figuring it out. You blew this one out of the park Barb 🙂

      1. Truth is if the waffles are done right…they are really soft and it’s not difficult at all despite how it looks. I’m thinking if I had left them in longer and they got crisper that it would not be the same. I might have a big mouth but not that big! 🙂

      1. Cooking for me is all about being creative…I might try but usually fail at just making a recipe; I seem to ALWAYS have to make it my own…that’s the fun part!

    2. I was initially going to do a cornmeal cheese chive waffle club sandwich before I realized I had to choose from my SRC assigned blog. No matter..your waffle BLT has satiated my need to do so…for now. It’s truly decadent, Barb! BTW..we were allowed to date others while I was at college (I dated too)..we just didn’t want to know about it, so in retrospect, he did nothing wrong other than telling me b/c he felt guilty about it.

      1. It’s not the college dating others thing. It’s the difficult to talk to but easy to make out with thing…long term that would have gotten OLD OLD OLD!! 🙂

      1. I try…I was certainly inspired by a local chef but I do love to make an idea my own; isn’t that a big part of what makes cooking fun? Well, besides the eating what you make business. 🙂

    3. I love the idea of savory waffles. I’d eat these for breakfast. Maybe with bacon and eggs stuffed inside. And tomato. Gotta have tomato at this time of year.

      1. I’m so onto doing more; have all sorts of idea and they are all great for the upcoming cooler months. And yes…trying to eat my fill of tomatoes before they disappear.

    4. I can’t wait to try the waffles. I just bought a waffle pan that sits on the stove, and makes round waffles the size of burger buns. Of course I bought it at the 2nd hand store but I’ve seen the same pan at Williams Sonoma. These waffles will be the first for the waffle iron…and with the beautiful tomatoes in my garden (yes Barb…some have your name on them) I will have a delicious lunch. Thank you for sharing the recipe…now let me share some tomatoes with you!

      1. I’m ready; you say the word and I’ll fly if I have to! These were the only really good tomatoes I’ve had all summer; that is a sin huh?

    5. Oh my! Green onion and cheese waffles – and without fiddling with yeast? I am swooning! Stunning creation, my friend! And what a perfect sandwich they make. With bacon. We all seem to crave the same thing and I am loving this. Gorgeous, too!

      1. Yes, maybe I’ll be the non yeast presenter every month! Funny how we all have cheese and bacon or another savory addition. We were meant to be huh? 🙂

    6. Your waffle buns look amazing! I love that you used them for an end of summer BLT!
      This is the first time I’ve heard of #Twelveloaves
      Baking bread is my favorite thing in the world. I think I may have to jump on board with this. Thanks Barb. Now I have to think of something fun to do with cheese 🙂

      1. Lora did something with a couple of others that never took off so this is the resurgence and only my 2nd month of being a part of the ‘team.’ Jump on in, covered in cheese even!

    7. Oh my goodness, this looks good!! There isn’t a part of it I wouldn’t like– the twist on the waffles, the bacon, the tomatoes…each ingredient is better than the next! Excited to hear of “cheese” for Twelve Loaves, looking forward to participating.

      1. That would be my hope! The burger will still happen but that tomato cried out for a BLT. You need to go with me down there…all sorts of cool stuff.

    8. Waffles are one of my favorite breakfast ideas. You’ve taken them to a whole different level: perfect for brunch, lunch and even dinner! Love the cheese and herbs in the waffles. Such a delicious idea:) Yay for #TwelveLoaves September:)

      1. Right next to my ice cream shop that I will have next to my bar I think I’ll add a specialty waffle shop; I could see this going a bit crazy in the creative department!

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