Kahlúa Iced Coffee and Vanilla Ice Cream Float

Kahlua Iced Float

I’m so not ready for summer to be over; our summer was so damn miserably hot (I mean record breaking HOT!); added to the loss of a huge tree last year that shaded the big bay window in my kitchen for 20 years and the combination led to some moments of stifling heat in the hub of my home. Now that the weather has cooled and it’s in the 80’s I want it to stay for a while…and this cocktail is my ode to summer NOT being gone yet!

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When the folks at Kahlúa asked if I would like to try their new Kahlúa Iced Coffee I almost responded with ‘Duh, yeah.’ Luckily I put on my big girl pants and wrote back much more eloquently, settling for ‘SURE!’ For many years I only considered Kahlua for warm drinks but thankfully things have changed. This Mexican coffee sure helped and on top of that; I am totally an iced coffee type in the warmer months (don’t come NEAR me with talk of pumpkins or fall; it is STILL summer, remember?).

I didn’t want to take away from the ease of drinking one of these guys so I kept it very simple…some vanilla ice cream, the Espresso Kahlúa Iced Coffee and a touch of sparkling soda. Dare I admit I had this for a ‘lunch break’ or would you think poorly of me? Well I did! It’s Friday right??? (Don’t think about it too hard and realize I was making it on Thursday, OK?)

Seriously; these are fun and only $2.50/can. I used the Espresso but they are also available in Iced Mocha and Iced Coffee with Cinnamon Spice (I’ll save this one for fall!). These would be great for any gathering but the convenience makes them perfect for more…picnics, games and perhaps a movie (much better than sneaking in candy!). Know what else? That Mexican coffee I love? Super easy too. Use a bit larger glass, sugar the rim and add a shot of tequila…voila; a quick Mexican coffee. This could be trouble.

Kahlua Iced Float

Make no mistake…there is real booze in there and the resulting cocktail/dessert? An ‘oh my that’s good’ moment for sure. My dog is even crying for a sip. I’m not sharing.

Kahlua Iced Float

Kahlúa Iced Coffee and Vanilla Ice Cream Float

Creative Culinary
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Servings 2


  • ½ pint vanilla ice cream
  • 1 can Kahlua Espresso Iced Coffee
  • Sparkling Soda


  • Chill 2 glasses in the freezer for 15 minutes.
  • Put 2 scoops of ice cream into each glass.
  • Divide the Kahlua Espresso Iced Coffee between the two glasses.
  • Top off with sparkling water. Add a straw sip away!
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 Kahlua Iced Coffee, which is 5% alc./vol. per 200 ml can, is available nationwide,
with an suggested retail price of $2.50 a can, or $9.99 for a four-pack.

Disclaimer: I was provided with a product for review but I was not paid to write this post; all commentary is my own.

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  1. Oh I am now on a mission to find these cans of Kahlua in our local liquor store. Probably hasn’t made it to Utah quite yet (and may not ever), but a girl can dream, right. This looks delicious!

  2. Ummm….You totally had to try the delicious kahlua, I mean you HAD too! I have not seen the cans of kahlua yet, but I need to look for them now! I kinda love kahlua….adore more like it:-) My mom used to make kahlua during Christmas time, it was fun to watch her make it. Her recipe was three pages, and it was held together with a safety pin….why do I remember that, LOL! I need to make this awesome treat now!!!! Hugs, Terra

    1. Of course it does silly! The Kahlua equates to making it be 5% alcohol even so yes, it was an ice cream float with a punch. This was almost too easy; I use to treat myself to a Kahlua and cream occasionally; this is sort of similar but kicked up a notch. So good…really like an adult ice cream float.

    1. You nailed it…although right now I’m happy with just a nice warm afternoon…never had a summer that was so miserable here and summers are why I have always loved Colorado. Hoping it was a one season fluke!

    1. I would think wherever you find Kahlua? In Colorado, except for 3.2 beer, we have to go to a liquor store for any alcoholic beverages…but in your neck of the woods it might be available at the grocery store if that’s where you would buy Kahlua.

    2. 5 stars
      To a few instances of oppressive heat in the center of my house. I want the weather to remain in the 80s for a long now that it has cooled down.and this drink is my tribute to the fact that summer is still here!

  3. Oh this looks good! I like the idea of this simple dessert/drink to share with company. The ingredient list was short, the process simple and the result looks wonderful.

    1. You hit the nail on the head…this is the perfect after dinner drink/dessert; add in easy…what else could we ask for?

    1. There is Betsy; thought I had included that info but apparently not; 5% alcohol so yes definitely booze in there!

  4. As hot and as dry as our summer has been I’m not ready to let go of it either. This ice cream soda *cocktail* would have been perfect over these past several months and I’m sure that there are a few days left in the season to squeeze in a few. Great use of Kahlua Iced Coffees Barb.

    1. I am definitely sold on these Paula; even all by themselves – a really fun little travel cocktail (of course I’m not advocating drinking on the road; unless I’m the passerger!)

  5. I think this is sheer brilliance on the part of the Kahlua folks. I am a white Russian girl myself so enjoying a new version of this liqueur on ice (or ice cream) is welcomed. I love the idea of a float.

    1. I’m with you…that has always been a simple and easy late night cocktail for me. I’ll save you one; heck we’ll drink one at lunchtime!!

  6. Funny how Jamie is getting her first heatwave and seems there has been a constant heatwave here since end of April;)I could use one of these for dessert any hot summer night. Looks really good and a fun big people float;)

  7. Well, I am definitely stocking up on these next trip to Florida!!! And how perfect these ice cream floats? I just saw the title of my email alert and flew over here! We are just getting our first heatwave of the summer (okay, preparing for what they claim will be our heatwave) here in Nantes and I could definitely go for a float. Fabulous!

    1. As much as I love the whole process of making a fun cocktail; I also love having something easy too…and one of my favorite easy cocktails has always been Kahlua and cream over ice; I see myself using this in that application too. It is yummy.

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