Heath Bar Rice Krispie Treats

Heath Bar Rice Krispie Treats from Creative-Culinary.com

I’ve been asked by several people over the years, ‘What kind of food blog do you have?’ expecting that I must focus on a particular niche. Is it gourmet or vegetarian or well, any other number of designations? And I couldn’t provide a definitive answer. Because I really don’t have one. Although I am often called ‘The Cocktail Queen’ or even less eloquently maybe ‘The Booze Queen’ even my foray into cocktail making several years ago which helped to start a trend, does not really define me. One day I’m dying to make a new variation of a liqueur or to dig into more ethnic cuisine and the next I’m, well, I’m making another variation of an old standard like these Heath Bar Rice Krispie Treats.

Heath Bar Rice Krispie Treats from Creative-Culinary.com

Without definition I can say this blog is simply a record of the foods I’ve made for myself, family or friends that we enjoyed. I don’t try to anticipate trends, so you won’t find me making turkey in September or ice cream in March so that I’m ahead of the curve. What I post here is what is actually in my fridge for meals…so, OK, maybe I might have ice cream in March when I’m itching for summer but for the most part, I get the urge and move forward and hope that the people who are kind enough to visit me here enjoy what I’m doing. I know I do!

Heath Bar Rice Krispie Treats from Creative-Culinary.com

So, for reasons I can’t begin to define, I got an urge to make this variation on Rice Krispie Treats. To be honest, I was always eager and willing to make Rice Krispie Treats for my kids because I loved them myself and it’s fun to conjure up something a bit different. This version was simply a desire to incorporate what has to be my favorite candy bar of all time; I will even say a Heath Bar or ten most certainly contributed to my first cavity as a kid but ignore that claim to fame and instead concentrate on the goodness. Chewy, crunchy, chocolatey, toffeeish goodness…oh my gracious.

Heath Bar Rice Krispie Treats from Creative-Culinary.com

Easy too…except maybe for people who don’t have ready made bags of the Heath Toffee Brickle pieces. Worse case scenario (and not a bad one at that) is to buy a couple of Heath or Skor Bars and break them up with a hammer (inside a plastic baggie; the candy, not the hammer). You’ll have some chocolate in there too and that is not all bad! By the way, I know that some folks (that poke fun at everyone else but clearly think very highly of themselves) make lists of things that food bloggers should not be using in their photos. They’ve dissed milk bottles for glassware but I love serving them to kids and I KNOW they have waxed poetic over their hatred of ‘stripey straws.’ So I used polka dot straws. Dare I say Neener-Neener?

And no, not chocolate milk but my favorite treat with cookies or bars like this. Milk and coffee. Mostly milk but so much more grown up. With a sippy straw. A polka dot one. 🙂

As if the Heath Bar wasn’t quite enough, I also browned the butter before adding the marshmallows and it adds just one more layer of nutty nirvana. All I can say about these is simple. Bet you can’t eat just one!

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    1. I don’t think anything makes me want to go out and buy a prop so much as someone getting on their high horse about it’s usability. Someone sent me these for Christmas; all sorts of colors. Even stripes. I will use them; mostly because the real kids who come here to have treats just LOVE the fun straws and milk bottles. Works in the real world? Works on my blog. 🙂

    1. Thanks for that Anne-Marie…I wish I knew sometimes what good substitutes are so appreciate the information.

  1. I get asked often what my specialty or niche is and then I get told if I don’t have one, I won’t have a popular blog. I’m okay with that. I love what I do and I love my friends who spend time with me. Like you, what I’m doing feels right and we should keep on doing just that.

    We don’t have Heath bars here, can you imagine? I found one in a specialty store that was out of date AND it was $7.40. I’ll have to enjoy these through your photos until I travel back home. 🙂

    1. We both are doing what we love; not doing what we think others might love us to do; finding your tribe is all that matters. My tribe likes a whole bunch of different things too! 🙂

      I would tweat some over to you if I could…those are the types of apps we need next! 🙂

    1. Why yes you do! And I will have that included pronto…obviously I’ve made they so often I just assumed that was a given. Duh. 🙂

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