Best Girls Ever

My two beautiful girls. Well, only one of them is really mine, but I do love that Charlotte too, yes I do! Abbie is my sweet, adorable white Cocker Spaniel who loves to eat most everything human but if left to her own devices in the backyard, finds grass and green tomatoes to her liking (Seriously!). Charlotte is the equally adorable black and white Springer Spaniel who pretty much stares at me like this all day long.

I gave Abbie to my daughter Lauren for Christmas 10 years ago and when I wasn’t fond of the idea of her moving her to Fort Collins in 2008 (seriously…from the only home she has known to living the college life at 9?), she went and got Charlotte against the better judgement of the folks at Denver Dumb Friends League (didn’t ask me, wise choice). Seems the warning from previous owners that she had snapped at a neighbor once was a bit underplayed; worse it seems they forgot to mention that they must have been hitting her; you can just tell by how she cowers if you look at her sideways, makes me so sad to think of someone hurting her.

There have been too many incidents of Charlotte snapping at people, even biting the hand of her step grandmother. It was sort of a natural progression in April to have her stay here a bit; she’s not left for long periods of time by herself and as the weather gets warmer, she and Abbie have the freedom of a larger home AND the backyard…and Char baby loves that backyard. She is too needy to stay outside alone so comes in when I do but when we’re outside she is in constant exploration mode.

She’s been socializing more while living with me and we haven’t had an issue in a very long time but I am admittedly more cautious than Lauren. Just took her in for a physical (doesn’t paying for food and doctor visits qualify for dog ownership, hmm?) and she didn’t seem to be troubled by the dogs or the vet so I’m optimistic that continued socialization combined with being around people that love her is really making a difference. She is such a sweet, adoring companion.

Poor Abbie; she doesn’t much care for Char…but then she has never much cared for any other dog, ever. She loves people, period…well and tennis balls; with a passion. She and I have enjoyed countless afternoons having her chase balls I hit with a tennis racket. Sadly, she hurt her ACL a couple of  years ago and I just had to remove that program from her life; she will still occasionally get ahold of a round green spherical object (yep, that’s what we really have to call them here) and her passion obviously remains! Anyway, after a couple of months, Abbie and Char have found a relative peace.

There have been the occasional moments on my bed when they are within eyeball distance of each other and Abbie’s not grring at her (can’t actually call it growling, but you know what I mean) so I’m encouraged that although never see Abbie snuggling up next to her, there is something of an acceptance going on! Char will probably stay the summer with Lauren having visitation rights. I find myself caught in a quagmire of emotions; I love the greater peace that having one dog brings and hate the stress that this situation brings to Abbie yet can not agree to Charlotte being whisked off to a situation that sees her take a step backwards. Winter is hard when they’re cooped up together to look; always look forward to spring for many reasons but happier dogs is now one of them!

Don’t get me wrong…Char LOVES Lauren, is so excited to see her, but she will also lay flat on the foyer floor when she tries to take her home or will jump on the couch next to me and give me that ‘please, please, can I stay a bit longer?’ look. Got to wonder? Is it the cookies…or companionship? I hope the latter.