The Cosmopolitan Cocktail

Cosmopolitan Cocktail

I’m surprised I haven’t included the Cosmopolitan cocktail in a Friday Cocktails post before today; I’ve always loved them. Their combination of sweet and tart fits a flavor profile I love in a cold drink. Pretty doesn’t hurt either! This year I’m making The Cosmopolitan Cocktail for viewing the Emmy Awards on Sunday night. I enjoy the awards shows…even if I often do my own version of ‘delay’ otherwise known as TIVO.

If the event starts at 6pm I’ll host a party starting at 6 with food and cocktails and then we’ll start watching at 7ish. Buzzing through commercials might be the expected reason but when it comes to awards shows as soon as I hear the words, ‘I would like to thank yada, yada and yada…I’m gone. Zip…onto next award. Thank your Mother and get on with it people!

The Cosmopolitan Cocktail

I’ve also been waiting for an opportunity to use these glasses that my daughter gave me for Christmas and thought this would be a perfect time. Dressier than usual which the Emmy Awards require but even more than that? I thought they needed a cocktail with a vivid color…better to see the design with my dear! Don’t they look ever so stylish? I just know that if People Magazine were to view them on a red carpet, they would surely win the ‘Best Dressed Cosmopolitan Cocktail’ Award. I know you’ll agree and thanks again Em; I just love these glasses!

Beluga VodkaI was gifted a bottle of Beluga Vodka that I used for this cocktail. It is distilled from grain in Western Siberian distillery founded in 1900, filtered through quartz sand and silver, and cut with water from a Siberian spring.

The company says it is distinguished “by using a preciously calibrated distillation ritual, which gives its vodka a pure enrichment of high quality taste.” It is a straight vodka, but does include a few additives, apparently in small proportions, including honey, oat extract, and Silybum marianum extract (you know it as the milk thistle).

This vodka is fairly simple which isn’t bad; vodka is supposed to be “neutral”  but it’s best for tastes that lean toward the sweeter which was perfect for this cocktail. I liked the vodka a lot but have to comment on the bottle…that beluga whale is a three dimensional piece of metal…very cool if you ask me and makes for a memorable first impression. Two shot glasses with the same whale sealed the deal; I’ll have to craft something that would work in them…is there a cocktail with caviar I wonder?



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    1. No imbibing? Say it ain’t so!! Hope you are better soon…I may not drink a lot but I sure do love my weekly cocktail making session.

  1. I LOVE a classic cosmo. That was my first drink when I turned 21 and could legally drink although I had been sipping illegally with a fantastic fake ID for years prior. I also love my version of the raspberry cosmo I make, but the classic is just so good, why mess with it? And this emmy drinking game looks so fun but, um now I’m off to google images of John Hamm….. ha ha ha

    1. I love this too…and they have such a ‘girly’ reputation but I know guys love them once they get beyond the pink business…they are not a sweet, like cotton candy, drink at all!

  2. Oh, I just can not tell you how much I enjoy making the acquaintance of another fan of that most civilized of libations, the cocktail. Your posts are a joy, and this one is no exception. I’ve got to get a bottle of Beluga vodka. I adore trying new things.

    Your glasses are fab! Congrats to Little Creative Culinary on a most wonderfully chosen gift. I think you’ve selected the perfect drink to show them off.

    The Emmys are a trip. My husband is in the Industry, so he views the shows prior to participating in the voting panels and enjoys seeing who walks away with the statuettes. By the way, those things are heavy! They look wonderful on the mantle and function quite effectively as bookends.

  3. Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned and a pretty drink to enjoy the festivities. I didn’t even realize it was Emmy time of year again. Have a good time!

    1. I like the dresses and Neal Patrick Harris…watching the actual awards presentations can be boring; which is why I love Tivo. 🙂

    1. I thought so too Greg…and the drink won award worthy praise from friends I had over. Sometimes the simplest of ingredients really are the best.

  4. Great glasses! It’d be fun to try them with a drink that has a strong contrasting color. The Blue Hawaii comes to mind, although it’s the wrong glass for that. Or maybe a complementary drink in the orange hues – maybe a sidecar? Anyway, Cosmos are fun. I don’t much drink them, but they’re one of the best vodka drinks I know. Just too girly for me. 😉 Great job on the twist. And fun drinking game!

    1. That’s why I had to wait for the right moment…and I didn’t even realize until I processed the photos how much that first shot doesn’t even look like there is something in the glass; it just looks like a glass that is silver and reddish pink! Man up my friend…and drink a Cosmo I say! Cheers John!!

    1. Did I already answer you…yes, I’m that tired. Looking forward to a day of fun soon though. Bacon and Bourbon…so doggone perfect for us huh? For you I can put it on the menu!

  5. I like a good Cosmo myself. What a great idea to pair one, two or three with the Emmy’s. By the time these awards shows are done, I’m needing a good stiff drink . . . or three. These beautiful glasses will look wonderful in you new bar in your new house!

    1. Bar? Yes…I have to have a bar? I am thinking my china hutch will be repurposed just for that; who needs china anyhow?

    1. Me either…but this one sounded fun; a bit more adult than the ones I think my kids are still playing when any excuse is an excuse to drink a shot! 🙂

  6. Stylish stemware, killer-sexy photos…perfect cocktail and nod to the Emmy Awards! Surprising you never featured the Cosmopolitan, but there was a reason. She (the cocktail) needed the perfect glass (dress to wear, LOL) and time to celebrate. Love this concoction…all of my faves. Love the TV Awards Drinking Game, too. Thanks for sharing, B. Cheers! xo

    1. You are too sweet…all I can see is a reflection of the blinds in the 2nd photo. I am SO ready to be able to control my surroundings when I take photos!! I thought the game was cute even if just reading the rules. Following them? Probably not. 🙂

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