One Bowl Chocolate Cake

Need a quick homemade dessert? This One Bowl Chocolate Cake might be your best friend. Easy to make and delicious; it’s a gift for those in a hurry!

Easy One Bowl Chocolate Cake

This post isn’t really about a simple chocolate cake so much as it is about the person behind the cake. For all of the naysayers who might think it crazy that real relationships can be built through social media, I would offer up to them my kinship with Jamie Schler, the talented writer behind the blog Life’s a Feast.

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We’ve known each other for years (I wish I knew how many but I would guess 5 or 6), starting with chatting on Twitter and finding mutual blog love to having conversations on Skype and dreaming of the day I get my butt to a national IACP conference which Jamie always makes…and she is coming from France!

We both have two kids; her boys both a bit younger than my girls but still the travails are always identifiable. We also both have dogs we adore, her beloved Marty who has been having his share of old age problems and my sweet Abbie, who is fading fast.

The anticipated loss of our beloved pooches has us both knowing intimately how the other is feeling; doggone why do they have to touch our hearts so strongly and yet leave us so soon?

We’ve found common ground for discussion around blogging, family, friends, food and yes, dogs and in those years I have come to know Jamie beyond just a casual tweet; I consider her a real friend.

One big difference between us? Jamie is a passionate writer; the type who lives for writing; curses the days when it is not easy and relishes those days when the words flow uninterrupted by thoughts that squelch the perfect verb or a brain that refuses to yield the sweetest and most appropriate adjective.

Jamie, like many artists, suffers for her craft when I just suffer because I have to do it at all! I am not a food blogger because I feel called to write; not one teeny, tiny, itty bitty bit.

I write so that I can share my passion which is quite simply the foods I love to cook. Jamie is a writer who shares her passion through food. I am a foodie who shares my passion through writing. There is a difference.

But Jamie will occasioally share her passion for a favorite dessert too and this One Bowl Chocolate Cake is one of them. Was it easy? Yes. Was it good? I admit some trepidation because it was so easy, but should not have worried. We loved it; I even found excuses to have it for breakfast!

As a reward for your efforts; I offer this cake! So simple and delicious on it’s own, Jamie accompanies it with a just a drizzle of chocolate.

I love chocolate but prefer it mixed with something ‘not chocolate’ and this frosting was perfect. The cake has a slight amount of  cinnamon in it. Adding a cinnamon buttercream frosting made it a bit more decadent but sometimes decadent is good.

I plan to give it to a neighbor for her birthday and this will be her first experience with food  blogger food; where I carefully cut the cake for a photo but then just as carefully wedge two slices back in place. 🙂

Let them eat cake!

Easy One Bowl Chocolate Cake

One Bowl Chocolate Cake

Super simple and delicious; this is more than just a last minute cake, this one bowl cake is a lifesaver!
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Prep Time 25 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 55 minutes
Course Cakes, Cupcakes & Cheesecake, Dessert
Cuisine American
Servings 8 Servings
Calories 551 kcal


For the Cake:

  • 1 ¼ cups flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
  • ¾ cup sugar
  • ¾ teaspoon cinnamon ground
  • 2 large eggs lightly beaten
  • cup milk warmed
  • cup vegetable oil
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla

For the Frosting:

  • 1 cup butter room temperature
  • 4 ½ cups confectioner’s sugar
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract
  • 2 teaspoon cinnamon ground
  • 2-3 tablespoons milk
  • Chocolate curls for garnishing cake


  • Preheat the oven to 325°F. Oil and line with parchment paper either one 9-inch round cake pan or two 7-inch (18 cm) round cake pans. (I had a graduated series so mine are one 8-inch round and the top is a 6-inch round).
  • Whisk the flour, baking powder, baking soda, cocoa powder, sugar and cinnamo together in in a large mixing bowl and set aside.
  • In a separate mixing bowl or a large liquid measuring cup, whisk together the warm milk, the oil, eggs and vanilla.
  • Make a well in the center of the dry ingredients. For a smooth, lump-free batter, pour about a quarter of the liquid ingredients into the well, and using a whisk with small, brisk circular movements, mix with just enough of the dry until you have a thick, smooth, lump-free batter in the center. Add some more of the liquid, pull in a bit more of the dry ingredients and briskly whisk again until your batter is smooth.
  • Continue until all the dry ingredients have been incorporated into your batter, add any remaining liquid and mix a final time.
  • Pour the batter into your prepared pan(s) and bake for about 30 minutes (for one 9-inch round pan and depending on your oven) until the center of your cake or layers is just firm to the touch, completely cooked through. The cake should start to pull away from the sides of the pan just after it is removed from the oven. Adjust your time depending on the size of your cake pans; My 8-inch one needed 25 minutes and the 6 inch one about 20 minutes.
  • Remove to racks, let cool for about 10 minutes, then slide a sharp knife blade around the edges to loosen, turn the cake out onto racks, peel off the parchment paper, flip back upright and let cool completely. Serve as is with a dusting of confectioner’s sugar or a drizzle of chocolate or layer it with frosting.

To Make the Cinnamon Frosting

  • Beat the butter In the bowl of an electric mixer until light and fluffy. Add the powdered sugar, vanilla, cinnamon and 1 tablespoon milk and beat on high speed until the frosting is spreading consistency. If the frosting is stiff, add a few more drops of milk, beating after each addition. Frost the cooled cake and garnish with chocolate curls.
  • This recipe makes enough to frost two 9-inch layers or 24 cupcakes so you might have some leftover. I love it on graham crackers!




Nutrition Facts
One Bowl Chocolate Cake
Serving Size
1 Serving
Amount per Serving
% Daily Value*
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
Keyword cake, chocolate, cinnamon frosting, one bowl
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  1. Speaking of props, here is another great one! What a fabulous mint green cake stand, and an even more spectacular cake. This is gorgeous. It could easily be a wedding cake–we’ve noticed that many couples are forsaking 7-tier monstrosities in favor of reasonably-sized lovely creations like this one.

    1. My kids better be thinking that way when the day comes. I sort of feel like this…have a small ceremony and money for a house or blow it all on a big party? I would take the house down payment; hoping I taught them well. Of course your magazine probably wouldn’t cover that wedding! Even if I make the cake. 🙂

    1. I still long for the day she and I actually collaborate in a kitchen. Forget blog conferences, couldn’t GE just host a bunch of bloggers and let us all cook together? 🙂

  2. Wow Wonder full & big Cake…always facing lots of problem and this cake baking difficult task for me always……but you easily make it because you are very talented baking master…

  3. My vote has already been tallied! What a wonderful tribute to a stellar blogger. Your cake looks fantastic…and it’s one my family would adore!

  4. Barb, is that the cake stand from One Kings Lane?? It is gorgeous!! To stop myself from buying things there I simply delete their email before opening it. I’m not quite ready to hit “unsubscribe” because I know I’ll find something I’ll love from there. So far I have an entry way bench and a foyer table– how have I missed out on these baking accessories? So pretty!

    1. Yes it is! I have a porch bench and a few more prop things than I care to mention. All absolutely necessary items. 🙂

    1. Thanks Lana…for everything; voting for two deserving contenders and your sweet comment about this delicious little cake.

  5. Beautiful post and cake Barb, though I think I disagree with you on your writing talents! But I am like you – there are many days when I’d love to simply post – “hope you enjoy this” – and in fact I may just start doing this from time to time!!!!
    I’ve been thinking a lot about cakes lately so I think I definitely need to bake this one… after I go and vote of course!!!

    1. It’s such an easy and moist cake and really good; quick or not! Oh I can write. I think. Maybe not. But I don’t love it. 🙂

  6. The awards where one votes are nonsense, IMO. It’s certainly valid to run a competition to see who is the most popular, but that doesn’t automatically translate to “best.” That said, I’ll go vote! Jamie is good people. Great recipe, super read — thanks.

    1. I agree John which is why I wanted to support two who I think truly deserving. I’m just most surprised (and delighted) that the contenders don’t include the same old, same old blogs that have big traffic but aren’t necessarily stellar pieces of work. I’ve always pushed that a committee or editors should do the choosing but then the reality is that these sites want the mega hits a public voting process brings so I daresay it will never happen.

    2. John, I could not agree with you more! And happily Saveur finally realized this and have not only given their voice in who the finalists are rather than just tallying nominations but they are also awarding an editor’s choice winner for each category. That said, I really do not like harassing friends for their votes but for something like this I have little choice.

      I really do appreciate your vote! Thank you and thank you for your very kind words!

  7. Beautiful story about Jamie! It will take me awhile to check out all those blogs but it seems they have a great variety. Wouldn’t it be fun to go to Europe for a class? In my dreams! In any case, this cake is dream worthy! Looks great, Barb!

    1. That is my dream Abbe; or well, just to get about ANYWHERE is my dream. Your house even. 🙂

    1. Thank you Pat and I’m happy to introduce my readers to Jamie; she’s one of the very best!

  8. Lovely post, lovely cake, lovely ladies! I’m also glad you found just the right cake for that perfect cake stand! I’ve been waiting to see it all decked out with something delicious 🙂

    1. Thanks Renee! I’m looking for my next adventure with it; thinking something later in the spring with strawberries HAS to happen!

  9. What a friend YOU are Barbara, Jamie is very lucky to have you close! I really hope that we will meet you in Washington next year (IACP) or why not and even better, at one of our workshops?! Thank you for the wonderful PR!

  10. What a beautifully written tribute of your friendship with Jamie and of her collaborative work with Ilva. Wishing them much continued success both with the Saveur nomination and Plated Stories.

    1. Thanks Paula; I would be able to do the same for you if the time comes you need a friend to support an effort of yours!

  11. I truly think Ilva and I need to hire you to do our PR. You are truly an amazing friend and believe it or not, a marvelous writer. Your words here have me welling up… but the words about our friendship (and pups) is more than true. I get such joy out of others baking the recipes I have on my blog (especially my favorite recipes and this chocolate cake is the most-baked cake for my family that is on my entire blog) but nothing thrills me more (as a devoted writer) than knowing that others read my words and stories with joy and emotion. Thank you for all of this.

    And thank you for voting and for sharing the Saveur link. We are so honored and excited to have been selected as a finalist.

    1. You are too sweet; maybe the thing is that I can write but I just don’t love doing it. Which can be good since I also never suffer over it; mine is definitely just typing out a stream of conscientiousness which can often result in a little or a lot and some made up words in between! Here’s to you and Ilva!!

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