A Year of Friday Cocktails

A Year of Friday Cocktails

I’ve always loved the craft of mixing cocktails; I’ve even got recipes in an very old notebook that I made when I was just barely old enough to legally imbibe. Beyond my own love of food and cocktails I have always enjoyed mixing them for friends and that segue to sharing them here came naturally. Still; my initial effort a couple of years ago was thwarted for some time by an injury that has taken way too long to mend but I’m up and out and about again and it became a natural progression over the past year to build a repertoire of drinks and liqueurs.

The effort has been so well received that it has spawned others doing the same (that’s a compliment, right?) and after a year of doing a cocktail every week, it’s easy to see some trends from this perspective. Fall and winter are warm and serious for the most part, drinks that include bourbon, rye, scotch and tequila and include more of the Classics I love to research where I often discover a surprisingly storied history.

Spring and summer become more seasonally inclined in the ingredients used and include a cacophony of fruits and much more frivolity. I’ve done fruity and fizzy and have even included boozy popsicles and ice cream in the mix. Not to be forgotten has been the creative venture of making my own liqueurs and this year I’m left to wonder where on earth I will store the continued fruits of my labors (Next? Wine jelly. So easy, so good. GREAT gifts too).

I can’t let this occasion pass without a birthday party so be sure to visit next Friday. I’ll have some wonderful blogging friends dropping by and sharing a cocktail with all of you, some great prizes (yes, including booze!) and maybe, finally, what some might consider the quintessential cocktail…no, I’m not telling but I would love to know what YOU think it might be!

Today? Some favorites from the past year. Not based on a popular vote but just ones that I’ve made and simply LOVED. Still, I can’t honor this effort without a reminder of what started this entire series. The Vootbeer.

The Vootbeer

Vodka and Rootbeer mixed together with a dollop of whipping cream and a maraschino cherry. The first cocktail post that started a weekly series. I remain amazed that it has been in the top ten of my most visited posts every single week of the past year!

A Year of Friday Cocktails - Vootbeer

The Cranberry Ginger Fizz Cocktail

I loved this cocktail and I loved this photo; it so clearly conveyed just how great this drink is. Crisp and with a touch of fruit it is Gin, ginger ale and cranberry simple syrup. Simply wonderful. I think a perfect holiday cocktail.

A Year of Friday Cocktails - Cranberry Ginger Fizz

Mexican Coffee

Love tequila? This one was surprising and OH SO GOOD. Coffee, Kahlua and tequila…sort of a coffee with a kick. Flame at your own risk but I LOVED it!

A Year of Friday Cocktails - Mexican Coffee

The Bacardi Cocktail

My first adult cocktail that I recall ordering at a restaurant and I just loved it. That has not changed. Rum, homemade Grenadine syrup, lime and soda. Simple and delicious.

A Year of Friday Cocktails - Bacardi Cocktail

The Whiskey Sour

Quintessential. Simple. Fabulous. Don’t you DARE buy a sour mix ever again!

A Year of Friday Cocktails - Classic Whiskey Sour

The Ophelia

Borrowed from a local Denver watering hole this cocktail is unique and oh so delicious. The rosemary simple syrup makes it so.

A Year of Friday Cocktails - Sparkling Rosemary and Gin Lemonade

The Aperol Spritz

Not as herbacious as it’s cousin Campari, Aperol is relatively new to the US but this cocktail is hugely popular in Italy as an apertif. Try one and you’ll see why.

A Year of Friday Cocktails - The Aperol Spritz


Just one of the liqueurs I’ve made this past year but I can not deny it’s a favorite. Great on it’s own from the freezer I’ve also used it in cheesecake and ice cream. Start soon and make your own for holiday gifts!

A Year of Friday Cocktails - Limoncello

The Perfect Margarita

This is my all time favorite mixed drink. Fresh fruits, good quality tequila and orange liqueur and you can not go wrong. I’ve enjoyed other margaritas this summer, most noticeably this blood orange stunner and the unique Caprese margarita from a local restaurant but this one, this cocktail…it’s the one I’m known for and I’m good with that!

A Year of Friday Cocktails - Perfect Margarita

The French 75

Though not the end of this year, I guess it seems fitting to celebrate the end of my first full year of cocktails with this one I like to serve on New Years Eve. Simple and gorgeous but like it’s namesake, it packs a potent punch!

Want more…here’s the entire Friday Cocktail collection and don’t forget – you’re invited to the party and I expect to see you here next week!

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  1. looking for a great holiday cocktail recipe for a supper club . Will keep checking, you have some beautiful choices !

  2. Sign me up for anything sparkly! I love sparkly! Diamonds first, of course, but sparkly adult beverages are a close second… Can’t wait to see the Creative Culinary Cocktails. Congrats on your anniversary.

    1. I know! I had always planned a regular cocktail venture but recuperating from a leg injury made it complicated. I wish I had a video of what it used to take to get setup for photos. Might be funny now…was pathetic then; transferring cocktail fixins’ just wasn’t happening with a walker. 🙂

    1. Me too! I made a cocktail this summer with limoncello and prosecco garnished with raspberries and mint and it had to be one of the prettiest drinks I’ve ever made!

    1. Thanks so much…coming from one who knows that means a lot. I love shooting cocktails; for me I think easier than the food!

  3. I love all of these drinks and photos. I may like the best the French 75 (just at this moment-I change my mind every time I look)and could see that photo in a magazine. Also at this moment I would really love to try that perfect margarita because it looks just perfect! Cheers to a year of a gorgeous and tempting cocktails!

    1. You’re like me…you should have tried putting together that collage of 12! I just had to finally say it was good…cause they all are!

    1. Thanks Marla…that would be great; I would love to have a lot of folks visit and enjoy the cocktails and some very fun prizes too. See you next week!

    1. Aw; you are too sweet; my photography is such a work in progress and I feel I have such a way to go so your comment warms my heart, truly! The vootbeer is fun…but hey it’s vodka; I would drink it in almost any kind of soda!

  4. You certainly started something wonderful Barb. Congratulations on the success of your Cocktails Feature. The beautiful and tantalizing drinks you mix up for us every week are complimented perfectly with the amazing photographs you take of each of them. I can only imagine the time and effort you put into this project! Know that each of your posts are read and appreciated by so many grateful readers. Thank you for this series, I bow my head and raise my glass to one very special and talented lady.

    1. Thank you so much Paula; it’s something I just love and I guess it shows? Cheers to you my sweet friend!!

    1. If only it could be IRL…but this should be fun and a way for lots to connect. I’ll even provide cab fare for the ride home. 🙂

    1. So few know of Aperol; that needs to change! I personally find Campari too herby, too bitter…for me, Aperol is just right.

  5. What a collection of recipes and photos– you have been busy creating such beautiful drinks every week! Looking forward to your one year celebration!

  6. There are a lot of people in this world that I would LOVE to be my neighbor. You, my friend, rank at the top of the list. Not just because you’re sweet and I love ya, but because you….you can make one hell of a great cocktail…or a bunch of great cocktails. My life will be complete when I get to clink glasses with you and say Cheers! 🙂 Great post!!

    Happy Friday!

  7. What a amazing collection! Both of cocktails and photos! Such gorgeous pictures and drink combinations they have even me (not usually a cocktail fan!) looking for an excuse to make one. Trouble is I couldn’t pick just one, there are so many that take my fancy! Looking back through all the cocktail posts I remember so many, the Cranberry Ginger Fizz (best cocktail picture ever!), the Grapefruit, Lime and Maraschino Martini, the Blueberry Smash, the Cherry Sidecar! Wow, you have truly outdone yourself here! Amazing Barb!

    1. I love that photo too Jayne, it actually won an award from a photo contest even! And then you mention more that I love! I’ve admitted it here before but it might come as a surprise to many; I’m not a big drinker. I look forward to cocktail creation day and try to have a friend at the ready to share and test with me…but I’m not drinking these everyday! I’m sure if I were, well, there would not be a blog. 🙂

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