Spice Set Giveaway from CookingPlanit

I’m so excited to announce that I’m giving away a Spice Set from CookingPlanIt! It’s an awesome set of spices that includes 26 of the most commonly used spices in the kitchen:

Ground Cumin
Saigon Cinnamon
Bay Leaves
Smoked Paprika
Garlic Powder
Onion Powder
Nutmeg Powder
Red Pepper Flakes
Coriander Powder
Cayenne Pepper
Ground Cloves
Chinese Five Spice
Curry Powder
Yellow Mustard
Pennsylvania Pepper
Cardamon Powder
Cajun Seasoning
Allspice Powder
Hill Country Chili Powder
Ginger Root Powder
Manzanillo Mexico Seasoning

The Cooking Planit Spice Giveaway is a fabulous promotion sponsored by the folks atCooking Planit. They’re giving 50 spice sets to foodie, mommy and tech bloggers to give away to their readers in any way that they would like and two sets were given away each day for 25 days with the first contests starting on March 4th. If you missed winning before; here is another chance!


Cooking Planit is a recipe site that is organized by meals and not just as individual recipes; the guesswork it taken out of what to serve together. I also love that they test every recipe on the site; nothing I hate more than trying something that is a big huge #FAIL! Add to that cooking tips, organizational ideas and more and you’ve got a great site for cooks with any level of experience.

Winning is easy…just leave a comment letting me know what your favorite spice is and you’ll be entered. My contest runs through April 5th, 2013 at midnight EST and a winner will be picked April 6th. Good luck!

Winner selected April 6, 2013 using Random.org  is EA Stewart, comment #98. Thanks everyone for entering!

Check out the other foodies below who participated and find the others who are still running an active contest…more chances for you to win!

2013 Cooking Planit Spice Giveaway Participants



Flight 1

Flight 2

1 3/6/13 3/12/13 Sophistishe Field and Feast
2 3/7/13 3/13/13 The Wicked Noodle The Cooking Planit Blog
3 3/8/13 3/14/13 The Aliso Kitchen Slow Down & Savor
4 3/9/13 3/15/13 Chicago Foodie Sisters Jessiker Bakes
5 3/10/13 3/16/13 My Happily Ever After the End The Food Yenta
6 3/11/13 3/17/13 Notes from Maggie’s Farm Food Fash
7 3/12/13 3/18/13 My Kitchen Addictions What Jew Wanna Eat
8 3/13/13 3/19/13 Bite Sized Blog Nicole’s Nickels
9 3/14/13 3/20/13 A Busy Mom of Two Food Squeeze
10 3/15/13 3/21/13 Kasey’s Kitchen Kitchen Concoctions
11 3/16/13 3/22/13 Daily Ups & Pounds Lisa Cooking
12 3/17/13 3/23/13 Ditch the Box Huppie Mama
13 3/18/13 3/24/13 Hungry Hutch Food Fetish
14 3/19/13 3/25/13 Cook the Blog Three Diets. One Dinner
15 3/20/13 3/26/13 Sugarfoot Eats Gear Live
16 3/21/13 3/27/13 CopyKat Recipes The Mouthy Housewives
17 3/22/13 3/28/13 Burnt Apple The Butterfly Mom
18 3/23/13 3/29/13 The Mama Report Ancestral Chef
19 3/24/13 3/30/13 A Food Centric Life We Like To Cook
20 3/25/13 3/31/13 Dixie Chik Cooks Baby Boomster
21 3/26/13 4/1/13 Unorganized Mommy of 3 Much Ado About Fooding
22 3/27/13 4/2/13 Better with Butter The Primlani Kitichen
23 3/28/13 4/3/13 Mother Would Know California Country Gal
24 3/29/13 4/4/13 Yi Reservation NY Foodgasm
25 3/30/13 4/5/13 ME Redone Creative Cullinary


This giveaway is sponsored by Cooking Planit; all opinions are my own. Images courtesy Cooking Planit.

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  1. OH I really love the Red Pepper Flakes! I make a honey sesame chicken with them that we just love!

  2. I have entered every single one of these, down to my last two chances haha !
    Here goes … garlic is my favorite because it is so versatile !
    Thanks !

  3. My fave spice is Ginger! You can use it so many ways…from salads to desserts!! What great aroma and I love the “bite”.

  4. My all time favorite spice? Oh how do I chose?! Cumin…or cayenne? There are so many! I love cayenne!

  5. I have MANY favorite herbs and spices and I love GARLIC! However, for the sake of this WONDERFUL and very generous giveaway – I’m going to say Cinnamon because it is so universal and so comforting and works magic in both sweet and savory dishes (and beverages) I wouldn’t be surprised if Cinnamon is the most beloved spice on the entire planet!

  6. My favorite spice is garlic powder. I use it for just about everything. I make a blend of garlic and onion powder and salt/pepper and I use all the time!

  7. Turmeric. It goes with everything. I put it on tortillas, oatmeal, soup, fruit, and even dye fabrics with it. Gorgeous dark orange color, and so healthy!

  8. favorite spice ???? how can I pick just 1 ???? !!!

    OK – if I have to pick one – it would be black pepper – since I used it on everything – it’s essential and I’d never go without it!

  9. Wow – what a great give-away!
    I don’t suppose they’ll send them out of the US, but just in case I’ll put my 2 cents worth in. 😉
    I can’t live without cumin and buy it in the biggest bags I can find!

  10. There’s not a spice there that I haven’t already used, except smoked paprika. I have Hungarian paprika, both sweet and hot, but I can’t find smoked paprika in any store around me. If I don’t win, I’m gonna buy it online.

  11. I love cooking with spices so it’s hard to choose a favorite but I do love smokey paprika to jazz things up and bit and most desserts benifit from a touch of cinnamon.

  12. My favorite spice these days is smoked paprika…we also like chipotle powder. Anything hot & spicy is tasty!

  13. I love cinnamon, because I like the combination of sweetness with heat (same thing with ginger). I also really like the health benefits of cinnamon.

  14. I love Chai tea and make my own spice mix and store it in an old spice bottle right near the tea leaves. 3 parts Cinnamon to 1 part each cloves, nutmeg, ginger, allspice. All favorites of mine. Then add some powdered milk (skim- keeps the tea hot and lets you add enough to make it creamy without the calories) and sweetener (if you like) and you have a cheap, awesome cup of Chai. Yum!

  15. Oh I could so use this – throwing out lots of old spices and waiting to purchase again until we move! My favorite spice is coriander.

  16. I just love cumin! I use it alot with Indian foods and just for rubs on chicken with a little cinnamon as well!

  17. I always used basic salt, pepper, garlic and onion salt or powder but a couple of years ago went to Spain and Italy and experienced wonderful new flavors and spices that I have never (well been afraid to) try this has opened a new whole world to me and to not be afraid of trying spices which I am doing now!! :0)

  18. How heavenly would this spice extravaganza be?!!!! Currently, I’m fascinated by smoked paprika, but garlic powder is my oldest standby ingredient.

  19. Hmmm….as The Spicy RD, it’s hard to pick just one 🙂 Cinnamon and black pepper are the two I use the most, but love turmeric and so many other too!!! Fun giveaway 🙂

  20. You know each one of those spices is calling me. But then I am also someone who makes her own blends and gets spices shipped in from all places. What is really intriguing to me is the Manzanillo Mexico Seasoning.

    And I hope you guys actually do some packing today .. and not just drink beer, eat pizza and talk :)) I will see you soon.

  21. That’s a tough one – Love spices! I do love cumin, as well as dried Dominican oregano. And for desserts, love ginger and nutmeg! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  22. My favorite new find for using spices is nutmeg add it to greens spinach, kale etc adds wonderful taste also good in carrots…

  23. Oooh more spices! I’ll be picking up my others at mom’s house shortly! And my favorite spice is cinnamon. I use it all the time in both sweet and savory foods.

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