Naked Juice Pops

Naked Juice Pops are the a great way to have both a delicious and healthy snack made in a way that feels and tastes like a treat!

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Many readers already are aware that I’m dedicating Wednesdays to my daughter Lauren who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. It’s not going to be a diary about her journey; she’s doing that herself with a site at

In this space I just want to share the nutritious foods, including these Naked Juice Pops, that we’re making to keep #Waunstrong during treatment. (Combine the pronunciation of her name by the little girl she started babysitting for over 15 years ago (Waun) and add it to the word strong and you get WaunStrong!).

I’ve been making Kale Green Smoothies for her each week and freezing enough for her 5 day work week. She takes a 32 ounce container to work every day and sips on it throughout the day; having regular nutrition instead of just three meals a day is so important.

Packed with a variety of fruits and veggies; it’s a powerful combination of the recommended dose of many vitamins and minerals she needs and it’s something she enjoys but I’ll tell you it’s a fair amount of work.

Five of those large containers of blended fruits and veggies is a lot of produce and a fairly timely activity…all that I’m willing to do but I do think we’ve found a product that has made my job a lot easier and has an added bonus as well…popsicles!!

When I was asked to review Naked Juice I made a pretty big swerve from my norm. When given the opportunity to do a sponsored post I require two things. First, that I have used and already like the products that are being featured…and that fit because I love Naked Juice.

Secondly, I need to be able to provide a recipe to my readers with the product; I consider this a recipe blog and no matter what else I do I want to fulfill that obligation. But life has thrown us a huge curve-ball and on this and probably other occasions I might find myself punting. Why?


No exaggeration, Naked Juice is going to help me with this journey. Although I’ve most often picked up a small bottle when I needed a quick breakfast on the go, I noticed the other day at Sprouts that they have several popular flavors available in 64 ounce containers.

We are determined to make healthy choices for Lauren and one main way Naked Juice fits into the program is that it’s not a juice product that is supplemented with added sugars which is so important to her food program right now. We want #WaunStrong calories…not empty ones!


So I made her a test smoothie in my Blendtec blender (who knew when I got that machine how important it would become!). I combined a 16 ounce bottle of Naked Juice Strawberry Banana with some kale, carrots and asparagus.

I have to be honest, it was too easy; we always have greens, carrots, cucumbers and more on hand for the veggie part. If you think about the work these folks have done for me, it’s so worth it. A pound of fruit in every 16 ounces and no peeling, seeding or juicing for me. I say YES!!!


One other reason I was so interested in Naked Juice is because some of Lauren’s medications make her feel slightly flushed; almost as if feverish. I was going to get her popsicles last week but everything we found had added the processed sugar she is trying to avoid. Frozen Naked Juice to the rescue!

I plan to keep her freezer full of different flavors for cold snacks; some plain juice and for a bit of variety, I’ll add some yogurt to others. I think this is a great idea for moms with kids of all ages.

We figured out that at approximately $7.00 for two small bottles of Naked Juice, we had enough for 10 popsicles; try finding any ready made popsicle filled with fruits and no added sugar for $.70/each. Buy the 64 ounce containers for a bit more than $9.00 and the unit price is even better.

I’ve sold several of my friends with little kids and they’re already on it…and it doesn’t have to be limited to little kids either. I might have finished off one already; OK maybe it was two. All in the interest of scientific experiment of course! :}

The two I made included:

Mighty Mango

The mango, also known as the king of fruits, really is mighty. I feel like I’m giving Lauren the royal treatment with an exotic and incredibly yummy mix of mango, oranges, apples and more. Simply put, mango rules.

Strawberry Banana

It’s a good thing fruits aren’t claustrophobic, because the folks at Naked Juice jam-pack 22 red, ripe strawberries into every lip-smacking, nutrient-loaded bottle and still found room to squeeze in 1 & 1/3 bananas. “How,” you ask? Geometry they say. And a mallet.

I knew this plan would be helpful to me as well as cost effective but Lauren was the real deciding factor. She loved both the smoothie and the popsicles and when I suggested I use Naked Juice in the way I had planned; she was all for it.

Not only easier for me, but let’s be honest, easier for her too. I know I’m being a bit over-protective but she has started staying at her own apartment again and she will surely find herself being responsible for making her own smoothies occasionally; knowing she has a great product that will make that job easier is a blessing for both of us!

Really…no recipe; hard to believe even for me but it was so easy. I poured the Naked Juice into the popsicle forms ‘straight up’ and simply added some veggies to it in a blender for the smoothie. Simple. Healthy. Convenient. And most of all? So good.

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  1. Blessings to you and your daughter. Thank you for these popsicle ideas. Do they freeze hard like ice or more like a popsicle? Praying for full recovery for your daughter and strength for you. God bless you

  2. Barb I made popsicles with my strawberry juice too! 🙂

    I am thinking of you and your daughter – and sending healing vibes and prayers her way. In these last 15+ months of being my dad’s caretaker through his cancer fight, I have made him so much fresh juice and nourishing smoothies, even popsicles! such a soothing thing (especially for dad with throat cancer). fresh Fresh FRESH!

    thinking of you both.

    1. So sorry to hear about your Dad Kristina and thank you for your kind words. I just finished with another batch; seems the weekend after chemo is the worst and that’s where we are today. Your Dad is lucky to have you by his side; you be sure to take care of yourself too, OK?

  3. My thoughts are with you all during this Barb and Lauren – she’s a fighter – she’s going to kick “C’s” butt and teach it whose boss 🙂 I love this pic of her!

    What a great idea to make smoothies with Naked juice – confession – I have never tried it. Perhaps it’s something stupid from childhood (V8 and I – so not friends) but, perhaps, I might give this a whirl. Can’t hurt, right 🙂 (Plus – one can always add vodka 😉 )

    1. Thank you Aly…I love the encouragement and so does Lauren. You should try the juice; though I love V8 it’s nothing at all like Naked Juice which is from fruits…bet you like it MUCH better.

    2. That is our plan Aly…hate the idea of her body being filled with chemicals but this one time I’m not willing to even imagine an alternative therapy but we can do our best to counteract the negatives with great foods; we’re meeting a nutritionist next week to make sure we’re both on the right path with her food choices during the ‘event.’

      You did make me chuckle; yes, vodka it might be for me too! 🙂

  4. Love the idea of pops from the juice. My daughter loves Naked juice.

    Lauren is Beautiful and Strong. Thinking of you and her while I recover from the mishap we had on the way to Santa Fe.

    1. You need some of these magic pops I think! So sorry to hear about your accident but even more I’m thankful it wasn’t any worse. Do you know the way to Santa Fe? (of course sung in tune!) Take care…wishing I could be there for you now!

    1. Thank you Claire…she is showing a lot of strength of character and I’m so proud of her…we will persevere for sure!

  5. Mighty mango to the rescue. What a brilliant mother you are to be there in your daughter’s toughest moments. It’s one thing to say, “Yeah I’d do that,” but something else again to do it all, day after day. I liked you before but now I admire you down to the ground.

    We don’t have Naked Juice here but maybe they’ll show up one day and I can have these sitting in my freezer for hot day relief.

    1. I try…I’ll be so happy to have this move done; managing all of this at once is a bit mind boggling I can not deny!

  6. This sounds like a wonderful use of Naked juices! I’ve been trying to incorporate more veggies into my diet, especially kale so these Popsicles sound perfect! Cool, healthy and refreshing. Yum!

  7. Great idea to make popsicles with this juice. My boys love it– even my super, super picky eater will drink some of the flavors. We have the mango in the fridge right now– it doesn’t last long around here. Hope today went ok for Lauren, aren’t Wednesdays treatment days? Thinking of you!

    1. It was on Wednesday this time; normally on Tuesdays. I like Weds better since the effects of chemo hit her on the third day and Saturday is sure better for her than when at work on Friday. She was filling in for someone else; back to Tuesday next time (whatever that is). I wish I had these on hand when my kids were little but then that was back in the stone age. 🙂

  8. Lauren must appreciate those smoothies so much! Not only are they filled with a dose of vitamins and minerals, but I’ll bet she realizes how loved she is every time she takes a sip.

    1. I hope so too Dara because you are so right…vitamins, minerals and a mom’s love; the best smoothie ever. 🙂

  9. A pound of fruit in each 16 oz bottle with no added sugar or preservatives is so wonderful. I love that you are keeping Lauren supplied with smoothies and juice pops each week. These naked juice products will certainly make your life a little easier on that front and such a great addition to Laurn’s #Waunstrong diet.

    Your gorgeous daughter is so beautifully photogenic 🙂

    P.S. Best wishes with the final stages of your move Barb.

    1. Thanks Paula…just got some bad news today about the need for a sewer line repair. I do feel like I’m in the middle of the perfect storm…and I’m so ready for it to be over.

  10. Great post Barb! I love your story about what you are doing to help your daughter (of course). I can just see you loading her up with smoothies to take home for the week. 🙂
    That juice would also be great in zoku pop makers. I have one, so I’m definitely going to give it a try.

  11. What a stunning picture of Lauren! It’s amazing how useful a good blender becomes when you start to get serious about power-packing nutrients into your daily diet. These juice pops sound amazing!

    1. Funny I’ve never thought of making them before but I have to admit…I love a good frozen popsicle myself; so glad to have discovered one that is truly fat and processed sugar free!

  12. Great post, gorgeous photo of your beautiful daughter. So pleased that you have found a way to make a wonderful healthy treat for her. These look fabulous!

    1. Thanks Wendy; that’s her new wig too. She had it trimmed Tuesday night and the bangs are a bit shorter and shaggier and it’s so perfectly her.

  13. What a fantastic idea, Barb! Easy, good for you, and tasty. Three very important things. I’m going to need to try this, myself. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I did some with Greek yogurt too; she has to be careful about dairy too but the occasional Greek yogurt/Naked Juice pop won’t hurt and keeps her diet varied; so important.

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