Here’s to a Healthy New Year and a Different Kind of Cleanse!

Here’s to a Healthy New Year and a Different Kind of Cleanse!

Breakfast, Day 2: Warm and Nutty Quinoa from

Although the word cleanse can leave most of us lacking (or even frightened!) in terms of being excited about the possibility, when I saw Bon Appetit tweet yesterday (@bonappetitmag) about a food lovers cleanse, I was intrigued enough to at least click the link and check it out. I was struck by how appealing everything was…this was no ‘diet’ per se but a chance to get back on track and start the New Year with a healthy, nutritious and interesting journey full of  flavorful meals and snacks that had been carefully mapped out by others for us; how convenient is that?

Food writer Sara Dickerman was at the helm of this project and Sara worked closely with New York-based nutritionist Marissa Lippert. Together they have scheduled two weeks of day by day meal plans, borrowing from multiple resources including food blogs, magazines and cookbooks to create an interesting and delicious repertoire for us to follow.

For all the details and more information; head over to Bon Appetit’s website where they have included everything you need; in addition to the schedule and recipes, you can also find a grocery list…like I said, they’ve done it all for us! You can see the daily schedule here and print a PDF with all of the recipes here.

What I think would be fun? Let’s share the journey together. I’m going to make and blog about some of the dishes that are included; I would love to hear from you if you are a reader or a fellow food blogger. Let us know how it’s working for you, how you feel about the plan; whether you think it’s  easy or not so easy to follow and absolutely a link to your post if you create something too! We’ll create our own online group and can hopefully offer support and inspiration to each other.

I had several food blogging friends immediately jump on the bandwagon today so the need for something like this after the holidays was evident. I love that it’s not a strict ‘diet’ and has been researched and planned to offer food choices we’ll actually enjoy!

I would love to hear from you if you’re going to join us; here’s a beginning list of interested parties so you can follow them on Twitter and visit their blogs!

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  1. Excited about these two weeks, and being held accountable is sure to be an extra incentive. I’m looking forward to trying many of the breakfast, lunch, and snack recipes. Since our household isn’t quite so fish/vegetarian-oriented, I’m also taking note #2 to heart: “Feel free to use this cleanse as inspiration, rather than following it exactly. You can help your body detox by focusing on these foods, along with Marissa’s 12 basic guidelines and portion size guide.” I’ll be looking for some of our own ideas for a few dinners — with the hopes of perhaps finding new-cookbook recipes that will fit the requirements as well. If so, those will certainly get posted. Onward! @Cooks_Books

  2. We’re going to give it a try. Hope we can source all of the ingredients, some of these will be tough to find be Jan 2.

    I need to figure out portion sizes for men v. Women, and the calorie counts. I know it’s not abt counting calories, but …

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