Faux Cinnabon Rolls

My family loves these Faux Cinnabon Rolls and I’m right there with them; at home we can even have two!

Faux Cinnabon Rolls

I’ve had this recipe for Faux Cinnabon Rolls for so many years that I don’t recall where it came from. When my girls were young, we lived near a mall with a Cinnabon and it was always at the top of the list of what I knew they would beg for when we went shopping. What is it about these rolls that are SO irresistible?

Pretty sneaking marketing to permeate the environment with a scent that is amazing and expect me to be able to ward off the pleas of my kids. Still, they are a bit pricey so when I found a recipe lauding itself as a good ‘faux’ I was all over it.

This post is over 10 years old; way before I started considering anything other than a quick snap with a Point and Shoot camera. Try as I might to redo a lot of the older ones, I’m sure I’ll never get to all of them…I was just happy to have this shot…even if it’s missing the final drizzle of icing.

These are good and worth making…just think if you make your own the kids will get to try something unheard of in the mall. A second one. 🙂

My family thinks they are just as good as the big name…maybe even better!


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