Coffee Toffee Bonbon Squares with Caramel

Coffee Toffee Bonbon Squares with Caramel

This months Baketogether was proclaimed to be a BakeTogetherParty by our fearless leader Abby Dodge. Why a party? To celebrate the release of Abby’s latest book, the fabulous Mini Treats & Handheld Sweets ~100 Delicious Desserts to Pick Up and Eat! The drill remains the same (and please join in with us anytime!); take a look at The Rules and each month switch up Abby’s recipe to fit your taste and publish your version by the end of the month…I just snuck this in on time didn’t I?

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So maybe you are wondering how I got from adorable little Apple Mini Pies to these Coffee-Toffee Bonbon Squares. How the heck did I pull that rabbit out of a hat? I know…that’s quite the adaptation isn’t it? Well, it’s my own version of ‘Six Degrees of Separation’ I guess;  if our challenge is to take inspiration from Abby’s post and mix it up to make our own…well I certainly did just that. I admit I’ve pushed the limits of this notion a bit so bear with me.

Abby sent me a copy of her book. Her mini pies are in the book. This recipe is in the book. Therefore I proclaim the ‘switch it up’ works if I make this dessert instead of mini pies; and well, there is butter in both of them! As much as anything I thought it would be great for you to see something totally different from Abby’s new book and besides, these were just too good to miss. How can you go wrong with chocolate and coffee and toffee and nuts and caramel anyhow?

Abby calls these Coffee-Toffee Bonbon Bites and I had the best of intentions. But I also had company here and as often happens a couple of my friends like to see the photo business in progress. I started to cut that tray of goodness into little bites and I do believe my neighbor actually guffawed; to quote, ‘What is that? Is that a serving?’ OK, maybe a bit dainty for the guys so I acquiesced and cut squares, the equivalent of 4 bites. Which were eaten as if they were a bite; inhaled maybe more like it. SO good.

A thin brownie layer that is more like a semi-soft cookie is topped with coffee ice cream doctored with your choice of ingredients and then topped with more fun stuff. Abby always encourages her fans to ‘switch it up’ and I always do. For this recipe I found some coffee ice cream that was already doctored by some guys name Ben and Jerry; Coffee with Toffee and a Whiskey Caramel Swirl. Oh yeah.

Their toffee was huge chunks of Heath Bar though so I actually ended up removing most of them (I wanted that toffee in EVERY bite!) and I threw in some Heath Bar Brickles. I liked that whiskey business though so I opted to drizzle my bars with a bit of caramel to which I added my own whiskey. Did I already say, ‘Oh yeah?’

My only lament is that they are gone. Which might be good; without help I do believe I could have devoured that entire tray. Here’s my version…but certainly mix them up as you choose; I’ll include some more of Abby’s ideas in the Notes too!


Abby not only sent me the book but she’s also going to send a  personalized copy of Mini Treats & Handheld Sweets to one of my readers too, cause, well, Abby and I both love giving away prizes!

To Enter: Easy Peasy…just leave a comment; if you’re a Baketogether participant you can enter Abby’s giveaway too and both end at midnight, September 30, 2012. I’ll use to chose a winner on October 1, 2012. I’ll announce the winner officially via email and, of course, I’ll mention you on Twitter if you include your Twitter handle in your comment. The winner will have 24 hours to contact me  with both your mailing address and how you want the book inscribed and Abby’s publisher, The Taunton Press, will mail it out to you wherever you live! If I don’t hear from you, sadly, I’ll move onto the next person.

Disclaimer: I was provided a review copy of Mini Treats & Handheld Sweets;
however all commentary is my own.

The book for the prize winner is being donated & mailed by
The Taunton Press and personalized by Abby Dodge.
For more info on the book check it out here on Abby’s Web Ad (trailer & videos coming soon)

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  1. Oooh…. an “ice cream bar” …. now that is something that I can honestly say I’ve never made … ahem “where has this been all my life” is what I am thinking!! This will be perfect for when the oldest is home from college!!!

  2. I realized I tweeted you after you published this but never left a comment. Whoops! Bars are such a great dessert because you can have just a little bit without feeling like a total pig…although sometimes I find myself going back for seconds 😉 I love that flavor of Ben and Jerry’s too. It’s my new favorite over their coffee heath bar crunch. My twitter handle is @dabblings

    1. I agree…must be the whiskey huh? I actually removed most of their toffee cause those were such big chunks and I wanted it evenly distributed. Not to worry, I munched them. My favorite candy bar…with some coffee and whiskey; how could it be wrong!??

    1. Thanks Roxana…I love coffee ice cream so no settling there…this will be here when you’re ready; take care.

  3. Oh my goodness! I almost don’t have words for the deliciousness before me. These sounds amazing Barb! Honestly, every time I think you’ve reached the pinnacle of tastiness you outdo yourself once again. I need to get my hands on a copy of Abby’s new cookbook ASAP!

    1. Abby’s books are favorites of mine…but I was a fan before I knew her. I made a cake of hers from Bon Appetit once and had to write and tell her how much we loved it…and she wrote back!! Her recipes are always easy and full of great info on how to switch them up…just like we do with #baketogether!

  4. Oh I swoon! Those look so rich and delicious. I must say that I’m a huge Abby Dodge fan since the beginning of my Fine Cooking subscription several years ago. She inspires me.

    @mnsorensen is my twitter handle 🙂

    1. Thanks Micha; I’ve not only followed you on Twitter but I forwarded your message on to Abby. In her words? You ‘made her day.’ Thanks for that; she is very special.

    1. It is decadent; I’m not kidding when I say I was grateful others were here to eat most of them; I would have been in trouble if they had not!

  5. Oh what’s not to like?? Coffee…chocolate…ice cream…caramel…and more. HEAVEN! I agree the only downfall of this recipe is that it is gone already or else you might have had a visit from me banging down your door today!!

  6. Congratulations to Abby on her second book! Congratulations to you for creating this A.Z.A.Z.I.N.G. dessert. Once again, you aren’t called Creative Culinary without good cause. I totally agree with your neighbour about the portion sizing and I would have inhaled my piece too!

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